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New Product Alert: Orlane B21 Extraordinaire

ORLANE B21 EXTRAORDINAIREFor the first time, an exclusive complex resets cells. It targets all the factors that cause problems within the cell and sets the clock back. Cells regain all their energy and function as they did in youth; the skin can benefit fully from the essential elements provided to construct its collagen and its body.

The action of the 21 essential amino acids extracted from (organic) Pale Iris stem cells, obtained using biotechnology techniques, is optimized. They are the building blocks of every protein, helping to build younger, denser skin. (Source: product brochure)

Youth Reset Complex – stimulates sirtuins (longevity proteins) and mitochondria (cell’s powerhouse), protects telomeres (prevents cell deterioration) and reduces progerin (toxic protein).

$250, 1oz. | Available at Neiman Marcus Ala Moana (808) 948-7586 (Jodi) Limited quantity available, not available online as of 11/08/2013.

NOTES: Super lightweight, readily absorbed, pleasant scent. Can be used with any skin care routine regardless of brand. The scientific research that supported the claims along with actual 28 day use before and after images were quite astounding. It addresses all aging concerns and can be used as a preventative product as well.



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