December 2010/January 2011

Paint Pots: $16.50 | Lipgelée: $14.50

COLLECTION RATING: ★★★★★★★★☆☆ (8/10)

QUICK REVIEW (ROAR!): Glorious neutrals that shimmer and shine. Perfect accents that can be used year-round.

MONSTER TIP: For those of you ladies who shy away from glitter because you think its garish – there are a few tips to remember when partaking in a more exuberant look. First, only wear glitter (or frost for that matter) on one area of your face. For example – pair a glittery smokey eye with a sheer nude lip. Too much is just…too much. If you have dry eye lids – be sure to moisturize and avoid packing on the shine. Use semi-matte neutral shades as your base and use just a touch of glitter in the center of your eye right above the iris. Blend till there’s a fade of glitter that is most intense in the center.

(L-R): Lipgelee Sin-Tillation, Luxure, Bubble Lounge, Straight to the Head; Paint Pot Let Me Pop, Vintage Selection, Dangerous Cuvée, Chilled on Ice

the REVIEW (1/26/11): MAC is not my favorite brand of makeup – but I do admire the creativity and marketing that goes behind their products. Its often hard to remember that they are owned by Estee Lauder – who is like the anti-MAC. They normally have more hits than misses (although there are a few) and the product itself, while sometimes lacking in refinement, is solid and consistent.

Cham Pale (December 2010/January 2011) was launched to coincide with the New Year’s celebrations. How appropriate! The names of the products alone evoke a feeling of bubbly anticipation (Cuvée, is a term used in conjunction with wine/champagne).

There were several other products included in the collection: Special Reserve Highlight Powder (Chez Chez Lamé & Rosé Ole) and  Nail Lacquers (Soirée & Very Important Platinum).

What drew me to this particular collection was the Paint Pots – they were delicately hued pots of glorious glitter! I love the juxtaposition of having such easy to wear shades in an all-out glamorous finish. Paint Pots in general are one of my favorite MAC products.  They are creamy enough to blend, but dry to a steadfast finish that doesn’t make the eyelids look caked on or lacquered. The Cham Pale pots are equally as tenacious, but give the eyes a glimmering accent. The three lighter colors, Let Me Pop, Vintage Selection and Chilled on Ice all make nice base colors or can be used in the center lid as a highlight. Dangerous Cuvee is brilliant because it can be lightly traced along the lower lash line or worn with a smokey eye to really give the eyes vicious glam. Love it.

The Lipgelées from the Cham Pale collection are perfectly suited to accompany the Paint Pots – although I would recommend only wearing glitter (especially this type of mega-glitter) on only one area of the face at a time. Sin-Tillation and Luxure are paler shades that would look beautiful on creamier skin tones – or as a slight accent on the bottom lip. Bubble Lounge and Straight to the Head (my favorite) have more pigment and can be worn alone or over another lip color.

Overall, I would say that Cham Pale is one of my favorite collections and the Paint Pots in particular are always going to be first in line when I want a glittery look.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: “The ultimate luxury when only the finest will do for the New Year: a cuvée collection that’s cause for celebration…a Champagne smash, colour and skincare shimmering with all the bubbly optimism & golden glow of the best that’s yet to be.”

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