MAC Viva Glam – Gaga 2 Review



“No Bad Romance here.” – M·A·C

PRODUCT RATING: ★★★★★★★★★☆ (9/10)

PRICE DETAILS: Amplified Lip Color& Lipglass $14.50 each – All proceeds go toward the MAC AIDS Fund

ROAR!: Gaga 2 supports a good cause and is a wonderful true beige for your Poker Face.

the REVIEW (3/14/2011): If you peek into my lipstick drawer, you will see an obscene number of nude/beige lipsticks. While M·A·C isn’t my favorite makeup line (gasp!) I admire their ability to crank out collection after collection. Some of them brilliant (Champale) and some of them just strangely hued and forced (Wonder Woman). Their Viva Glam collection however, are always lovely ideal shades that (most) people can wear with relative ease – and every cent of the selling price goes to the M·A·C Aids Fund.

It’s philanthropic motives aside, this LIMITED EDITION M·A·CViva Glam Gaga2 (Yes, that Gaga) is the fiercest pale lip color (a light neutral beige) – it eliminates any trace of pink without looking like a corpse. The Amplified lip paired with the matching LipGlass and M·A·C Stripdown lipliner, Gaga2 creates a creamy milky lip that looks great with a dramatic smokey eye or a simple natural look. Oddly subtle and demure – but impossible to ignore, much like the Lady who inspired it.

The look lasted about 6 hours – but even then the need to touch up wasn’t urgent. That’s part of the beauty of the nude lip. M·A·C Viva Glam Gaga2 may be surrounded by dozens of nude-worthy competitors in my lipstick drawer, but it somehow manages to stand out in the crowd and has easily become one of my favorites. Since its limited edition, it will be missed when the tube is scraped clean.

HOW TO: Perfect your lip line by applying a little concealer around the perimeter of your lips and blend. If you have dark lips, use concealer or M·A·C Lip Erase to give the lips a unified tone and prevent the color from turning ashy.

To avoid the “lined” look (which must be listed as one of my top 5 beauty peeves) apply one coat of lip color, blot. Line your lips and feather color slightly inward to blend lip liner with lipstick. Apply a touch more lipstick to the bottom center of the lips. Apply gloss to the center of the mouth and blend toward the lip line.

Gaga2 also is the perfect shade for muting out other lip colors and lip glosses that are too bright (’tis the season of Easter egg makeup) and also looks great with tan skin, so the transition into Summer will be flawless.


Where to buy MAC

MAC Viva Glam Gaga 2 is available at MAC Counters, Pro Shops and Online.


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