Trend Translation: Pedi Inspired by Lucky Magazine Fergie Cover (June 2011)



the Lucky Fergie Pedi

the INSPIRATION: The reason I was inspired by this cover was simple. I love turquoise (as you can tell by the over all color theme of Cosmetic Monster). I love purple. I just bought a purple crackle polish from Sally Beauty Supply. Plus Fergie looks fab on this cover and I wanted a little of that Boom Boom Pow! even if its just on my toes.

This was my first pick for my Summer Nail look but the color I wanted for the turquoise base (Sally Hansen HD in Spectrum) was very elusive. So I did a darker pedicure based on the Fendi Cutout Platform Bootie in Wine and loved it. But as fate would have it, as the top coat was drying (I apply another layer the day after I do my pedicure) I stubbed my toe while making the beds – how glamorous and unfortunate for my Fendi Pedi. However, since I had snagged Spectrum during a recent Walmart visit, I decided to go ahead with my “Lucky Fergie Pedi”.

the PRODUCTS: Sally Hansen HD Nail Color in Spectrum ($6) and China Glaze Crackle Glaze Nail Lacquer in Fault Line ($8).

HOW TO: Apply base coat. Apply two coats of Spectrum and let dry between coats. It is sheer, so you can do 3 coats if you want a deeper color. After Spectrum is completely dry, quickly apply a coat of Fault Line. I find it works best if you apply it to half the big toe at a time since it dries quickly and it can be hard to get an even coat. Try not to go over the same area twice. It doesn’t have to be perfect since when it dries, it separates. After polish “crackles” and dries – it has a semi-matte finish, so follow with a good top coat to seal in the effect and add shine.


I love the effect and it turned out just as I hoped it would – its like a sassy version of the Summer’s turquoise nail. The “Lucky Fergie Pedi” would be a little much the fingernails – but I tend to be more conservative there. China Glaze was smart to introduce a line of crackle colors (besides the black and silver) before OPI – I want to get them all!

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