Filthy Farmgirl Brand Review & Filthy Farmgirl vs. LUSH

Warning: This post requires a healthy dose of dirty humor. There isn’t anything blatantly offensive, but those with no sense of humor may find some of the content “filthy”.


(Although to call these magnificent bars just “soap” feels severely underplayed.)

PRICE:  Small Bars (about 2oz.) $3.00 – Large Bars (about 70z.) $8.00 – Handcut Bars, Lipbalm $4.00

“Live Nakedly.” – Filthy Farmgirl

Holy smokes.

Lets just start this special edition review by saying that I have a pretty “filthy” sense of humor. That’s just how I roll. When I first saw Filthy Farmgirl soaps in Honolulu Magazine, I thought it was cute – yet another conceptualized bar of soap ala LUSH. Being an enormous Lushie – convincing me to sway from my favorite Honey I Washed the Kids bars would be the equivalent of prying a pepperoni pizza out of my hands when I was pregnant. A most futile event.

I first held a bar of Filthy Farmgirl in my hands at the Kahala Wholefoods – but returned them to the shelf since the baker’s dozen or so selection of “flavors” did not tickle me to step up to the cashier with them. Flash forward – I’m in a little hole it the wall bookstore called Basically Books in Hilo that has a small pile of them near the cashwrap and an impressive display of them nearby. Maybe its the geography since Filthy Farmgirl is yes, Made in Hawaii (specifically on the Big Island, which gorgeous) – but I couldn’t resist buying a small lot of them. I picked up large bars of Filthy Vampire, Lucky Ducky Lemon Drop and Filthy Ass Soap as well as small bars of Happy Orange Cream, Filthy Flying Spaghetti Monster (LOL) and Sublime Noni Lime. They are so yummy and cool looking that I just want a bunch of them to display!! I also ordered Vanilla Bella, Beeswax Vanilla Cream, Raw Chocolate Rascal and a Chocolate Smoochie Lipbalm from my hotel room after a quick online chat with the Filthy Maker.  What an addict! I was delighted when my order was waiting for me at home when we returned from our vacation.

Filthy Farmgirl Soap Recipes are 100% Natural & Vegan Friendly!

Absolutely no detergents, surfactants, sulfates, artificial scents, colorizers or petroleum products of any kind. Labels are printed on 100% recycled paper. Soap is not just about getting clean, it’s about loving your body & the earth. Live Nakedly!

Let’s look at the Filthy Farmgirl concept. Yes, they are 100% natural, handmade, hand-cut soaps with incredible vintage inspired  – and I’m guessing computer printed labels that are wrapped around a plastic wrapped bar and attached with clear shipping tape. Doesn’t sound cute does it. BUT WAIT! For some bizarre reason, the rudimentary packaging actually ADDS to the appeal and charm of these soaps. With tongue in cheek names like Filthy Beaver (vanilla, ylang ylang, geranium and all spice), Filthy Cock (clove, mandarin, orange, cinnamon, etc.), Filthy Twerp (vanilla, orange, coconut) which has art that looks like Run Spot Run books and even bars for the boys like Filthy Fireman (blood orange, pomegranate, beet, turmeric) – which is accompanied with the statement ” The hotter you get…the faster we come!”.

All whimsy aside, Filthy Farmgirl soaps offer great scents and are wonderful to use, provide incredible lather and rinses well – leaving skin soft and clean.  They also come in two sizes – a large 7oz. bar that is perfect for the shower at home, and a small 2oz. bar which is the best option for travel, as fun guest soaps, as party favors or for those who just want to try them all (all 69!).

Please note that these are NOT french milled bars like the beautifully wrapped Fresh Oval Soaps (8.8oz $14) which are opaque and last a bit longer. Personally, I prefer softer soaps like those from Filthy Farmgirl and LUSH because they tend to yield a fluffier lather with less effort – and I find them less drying than hard soaps. I would highly recommend keeping Filthy Farmgirl soaps in a good vented soap dish that keeps it dry for the best results. Here’s the funny bunny one I use (available at Marukai and – which I’ve never bought from, but they have this available for $2.99):

the FINAL ROAR!: I’m delighted to have found Filthy Farmgirl, a Hawaii made soap – and even more tickled that its quality rivals that of my favorite brand, LUSH. Seriously, I’m super impressed with the ingenuity behind the concept and their ability to combine a somewhat green attitude, a sense of humor within a product that makes you want to get filthy over and over again. My hopes for Filthy Farmgirl? That they make it huge – but keep their small town attitude, keep the obviously hand packaged charm and keep the Aloha in their product.


There isn’t a huge difference between Filthy Farmgirl soaps or LUSH soaps – in fact, once they’re unwrapped, it would be really hard to tell them apart. With organic textures from natural ingredients, fluffy and fragrant foams and whimsical names, it really comes down to personal preference when choosing between bars. The main differences is LUSH is a bit more pricey and uses perfumes in their formulations, while Filthy Farmgirl remains ironically – less filthy by not using any synthetic fragrances. I also love that Filthy Farmgirl is handmade in Hawaii (literally) and is primarily sold at Farmer’s Markets, craft fairs and through their cute website. If you love LUSH (like I do) you will love Filthy Farmgirl too – which is saying a lot.

Here you can compare the ingredients from two similar soaps – Lucky Ducky Lemon Drop and LUSH Bohemian which is a simple lemon scented soap.

Filthy Farmgirl Lucky Ducky Lemon Drop Ingredients: Saponified Coconut oil, Saponified Palm oil, Saponified Castor oil, Saponified Safflower oil, Kosher Vegetable Glycerin, Purified Water, Sorbital, Sorbitan oleate, Soy protein. Lemon Essential Oil, Lemongrass Essential Oil, Lemons, Jojoba, Contains no animal products, detergents or yucky stuff!
LUSH Bohemian Soap Ingredients: Sodium Palm Kernelate, Water (Aqua), Glycerine, Propylene Glycol, Lemon Oil (Citrus limonum), Sodium Stearate, Sodium Chloride, EDTA, Tetrasodium Etidronate, *Citral, *Limonene, *Linalool, Perfume
Image Source:
Cosmetic Blog

Where to buy Filthy Farmgirl

Filthy Farmgirl products are available at and they offer FREE shipping and FREE samples (with orders over $12). You can also find them at the Hilo Farmer’s Market on Wednesday and Saturday – and at Basically Books in Hilo and Persimmon in Waikaloa.


2 thoughts on “Filthy Farmgirl Brand Review & Filthy Farmgirl vs. LUSH

  1. I’m excited about this! Going to check it out and see if they are at KCC Farmer’s Market this weekend!

  2. i absolutely adore these soaps. I have spiced rum booty (which I highly recommend), filthy freak and patchouli sutra. They are all incredibly yummy and now they’re the only soaps I use! Excellent review and thank you for the sizes. I usually buy the big ones, but wanted to know what size the smaller one was. For some reason I couldn’t find it listed on the site.

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