4 Ways to Stay Cool & Fresh this Summer

Whew! Looks like its going to be another hot one. When it comes to warm weather skin skin solutions, humidity proof makeup and sun protection – its time to take out the big guns! Here is a list of 4 ways to stay cool and look hot this Summer.

1. Switch to a foaming gel cleanser.

Creamy, hydrating cleansers are great during cooler months – but when the heat hits record highs, so does oil production and breakouts. Look for cleansers that don’t over strip the skin – which can make skin look dull and produce more oil. If you’re outside a lot or planning a poolside vacation – avoid using glycolic acid cleansers which can make skin more sensitive to the sun.

Choose a cleanser like Elemental Herbology Cool & Clear Facial Cleanser ($45) a soap-free foaming face wash with olive oil and botanicals that make skin feel fresh without drying – and is so gentle it can be used around the eye area. For this reason, Cool & Clear is my PM cleanser of choice this Summer – its gentle enough to allow me to use more active products at night. Oilier, acne-prone skin will love Sircuit Skin Savior™ | Problem Skin Cleanser ($38) a light foaming wash with 5% L-lactic acid, 2% salicylic acid, peppermint & tea tree extracts along with skin soothing ingredients like meadowfoam seed oil, aloe and olive leaf extract. I use Savior™ in the morning because the peppermint is very refreshing and I find I don’t get as oily – even when its hot.

SHOP: Elemental Herbology products are available at SpaceNK.com. Sircuit Skin products are available at Bloom.com & SircuitSkin.com. Image Source: Sircuit Skin

2. Simplify eye makeup.

Gooey gobs of makeup – or even an extra layer of shadow or liner can turn into a smudgy mess in the blazing sun. Using waterproof products and a light hand can give eyes a fresh Summer look without looking like you’re melting by mid-day. Follow these 3 steps for a quick humidity-proof (and splash proof) look.

•Skip layers of concealer and eyeshadow primer and opt for a waterproof cream shadow in a neutral tone with shimmer like Bobbi Brown Metallic Long-Wear Cream Shadow in Goldstone ($22) or Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream #13 Warm Beige ($22). Use your fingertip or brush to apply color on clean lid and blended into crease. Avoid browbone.

•If you need more definition, use a waterproof liquid liner to tightly line your top lash line. Waterproof liquid liners like L’Oreal Telescopic Precision Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner ($7) or NEW Make Up For Ever Aqua Liquid Liner ($23) are less likely to smudge and vanish like their pencil counterparts.

•Pump up your lashes by curling them and applying 2 coats of waterproof mascara that has a thinner, fast drying consistency. My Summertime pick is Urban Decay Cannonball Ultra Waterproof Mascara ($20) for virtually smudge-proof lashes (it still smudges a little – only under extreme circumstances or after I was in the pool all day), that holds the curl and gives lashes a fluffy, feathery look. It has a Japanese gel-based formula that I liken to Shu Uemura Basic Mascara ($27.50) but adds a bit more volume and lots of length.

SHOP: L’Oreal liner is available at select drugstores. Shu Uemura mascara available at Shuuemura-usa.com. All other products available at Sephora stores or Sephora.com. Image Source: Sephora.

3. Go for lightweight high SPF for daily use & use a tinted stick to reapply.

It was very difficult to find a lightweight facial sunscreen with a high SPF that didn’t make you look like a ghost. Current technology and the BB Cream trend now offer products that do all that and more. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Liquid Daily Sunblock SPF 70 ($11.99 and La Roche-Posay Anthelios 50 Mineral Ultra Light Sunscreen Fluid ($31.95) – a new lightweight option from their Anthelios line, has 100% mineral UV filter system (11% titanium dioxide), matte finish, non-whitening formula and CELL-OX SHIELD™ a powerful patent-pending anti-oxidant complex to prevent sun damage.

We all know we need to reapply sunscreen to stay protected – but that’s really hard to do over finished makeup. Vertra The Shelter Sun Resistant Foundation Face Stick SPF 38 ($22) comes in two surprisingly normal foundation shades, Natural Beige (a neutral medium beige) and Kona Gold (a medium/deep golden tan beige). Just use fingertips or M·A·C 130 Short Duo Fibre Brush to apply a light application of product over your most prone areas – forehead, cheeks and nose. Oily skin can get the same sun protection in powder form with Jane Iredale PurePressed Base SPF 20 ($49.50). Blot excess oil before reapplying powder to prevent caking.

SHOP: Neutrogena is available at most drugstores. La Roche-Posay products are available at Dermstore.com or LaRoche-Posay.us. Vertra products are available at select surf shops and at Vertra.com. Image Sources: La Roche-Posay and Vertra.

4. Refresh your tresses with a botanical based shampoo & conditioner.

If there’s one thing I can’t stand about being hot – is ho w my hair and scalp feels at the end of the day. Using a peppermint clarifying shampoo like Philip B. Peppermint and Avocado Volumizing & Clarifying Shampoo ($28) refreshes the scalp and gives limp hair a boost with 2.3% pure peppermint oil – seriously cool. My Summer favorite is Giovanni Wellness Shampoo & Conditioner with Chinese Botanicals ($8.95 each). It has no sulfates and is a scalp and has a scalp and follicle focused formulation. Both my hair and scalp feel clean and healthy regardless of the weather.

SHOP: Giovanni Wellness products available at select Target or Bed Bath & Beyond stores or at GiovanniCosmetics.net.  Image Source: GiovanniCosmetics.net

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