The Monster Makeup Nook


I just spent 10 hours cleaning my makeup nook. Every so often I go on manic cleaning sprees – I clean my brushes, re-organize and edit my stash. This time I replaced my Sephora lacquered makeup organizer with simple Japanese inspired ware. Its cleaner, neater and makes the skin care and makeup time more relaxing. But 10 hours? Really?

Here’s the results:

Clean Makeup Area

My skin care is displayed (but form still follows function) on cute soba (noodle) trays I found at Marukai for around $2. The brushes are in an empty Japanese lantern inspired candle holder. The kanji in the Japanese calligraphy picture means “prosperity and happiness”.

Each drawer has the makeup and skin care I use the most often. Unseen – the large portable metal construction tool lock box that I keep the “stash”. The gray drawers are also from the hardware store – its original purpose is to organize nuts & bolts, but its perfect for keeping samples, pencils, mascaras and other small cosmetics neat.

(Left) Skin care and My Beauty Diary masks. (Center) The makeup I use the most. (Right) Tools and secondary colors. I also have a side table/shelf that has tissue, more brushes and my lovely Ellis Faas holder.

Did I mention my stuffed large Trish McEvoy planner? But that’s a whole other post!

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