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“Fill’er Up! Cut down your morning routine with having everything in one case!” – Cat Cosmetics

PRODUCT RATING:★★★★★★★★★☆ (9/10)

CAT COSMETICS CUSTOMIZABLE MAKEUP PALETTE - 6 PANPRICE DETAILS: $24 for 6 Well Case or $12 for 3 Well Case – Save $4 on the case for each refill added. Refills: Shadow ($13), Concealer ($6.50), Creme Blush ($13), Lip Gloss ($13), Bronzer ($13), Blush ($13), Powder ($13). Filled 6 Well: Up to $83, Filled 3 Well: Up to $44. Palettes include a double sided eyeshadow/lip gloss brush.

SHADES (Top L-R): Eartha Cat Split Pan Shadow (champagne shimmer/matte nude brown), Peace (rich antique bronze shimmer), Illusion (rich fudge brown with hint of gold shimmer), Caramel Lip Gloss (bronze nude shimmer gloss), Catnip (light bronzer with slight shimmer), Curious (deep violet plum with slight shimmer – last call item for $6.50).

QUICK ROAR!: Peace shadow has easily become one of my favorite browns ever.  A fantastic choice for those who like to stick to the basics and have the opportunity to refill without disrupting the entire palette.


the REVIEW (07/23/2011): With an extremely well edited selection of basic colors Cat Cosmetics offers customers a simple way to organize their color makeup in one easy to use palette. Without any frills or gimmicks, Cat Cosmetics Customizable Kits allow you to create a personalized set of 3-6 shadows, blushes, lip and face products in a simple mirrored palette that includes a double ended shadow/lip brush.

I created a palette with most of my favorite colors – shimmering browns and plums, accented with a nude lip gloss and bronzer (which is a daily staple for me). Caramel Lip Gloss was my least favorite product since I don’t like frosty lip colors, but its still a very lovely bronzed nude shade for those who like a little shine. Catnip Bronzer is a tad too light for my medium skin tone, but still works well to brighten up the skin tone and add a bit of warmth.


The stand out product in the bunch is Peace Eye Shadow that is best described as a shimmery antiqued golden brown. The texture is incredibly buttery and rich – and the color is very flattering to my brown eyes and yellow undertone skin. It is neither too gray or too red/orange. Its perfect to add to cooler smokey shadow looks to add a touch of contour and warmth, or to quickly sweep over the lid for a simple natural look. I also blend it together with Curious Eye Shadow (a purple shade) for a brightening smokey eye.

I also purchased one of Cat Cosmetic’s Ready to Wear Kits in Adopt Me (On Sale for $14.50 – see image below) which has Lucy & Cally Split Cheek (matte bronze & shimmery muted coral), Tiffany Shadow (matte peach, similar to Persian Peach) and Ashes & Achilles (bone shimmer & warm brown shimmer). The majority of the proceeds from this palette go to Animal Haven Shelter, making this lovely addition to my Custom Palette, even more beautiful. Get it while its still available, or check out the other Cat Cosmetic Ready to Wear Palettes like Hello Gorgeous! ($65) which has one of the best natural look shades in one palette. And since they are refillable, you can mix and match or replace shades at your whim.

CAT COSMETICS ADOPT ME KIT PHOTOthe FINAL ROAR: If you’re looking for bells and whistles, Cat Cosmetics does not have any gimmicky shades or products – and yes, it is more than likely a Your Name-esque (branded) line. Still, as seasoned and picky as I have become, I love my custom palette. It didn’t take me hours to decide what shades to pick, and aside from the lip gloss (which I will replace with Kitto – a matte cream shade) I love every color in both palettes. This is a huge plus for those who don’t want to be overwhelmed by confusing choices. The only shades I wish Cat Cosmetics would add is a matte warm medium brown for the crease and a matte taupe to shade the brows. A few frost-free lip choices would be great as well (just ONE nude cream?). Otherwise, Cat Cosmetics has managed to create purr-fection and simplicity.

OTHER CAT COSMETICS PRODUCTS TO CHECK OUT: Ready to Wear Palettes in Love Match and Eye Dream of You.

ROAR!: I also love that Cat Cosmetics founder Catherine Hickland goes bare face to demonstrate her Look 10 Years Younger in 5 Minutes Kit ($45). She’s very engaging and “real”. See her video on the Cat Cosmetics Homepage HERE.

**This product was submitted by Cat Cosmetics for review consideration upon request. This is not an advertisement for this product. All reviews and information was gathered independently by Cosmetic Monster – and no compensation is received based on the outcome of this review.

Where to buy Cat Cosmetics

Cat Cosmetics is available at


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