There’s a Monster in the Beauty Closet | Reviews based on Lucky Magazine from the Beauty Closet | August 2011

There's a Monster in the Beauty Closet

Product Reviews Based on Recommendations Made by

LUCKY MAGAZINE Beauty Director, Jean Godfrey-June


August 2011

THE BEAUTY CLOSET, AUGUST 2011I have never worn a “scruffy straw hat with the perfect bohemian fringe” in my life, but now, I may consider it. Jean Godfrey June mentions that while shopping in Tomas Maier’s shop in Palm Beach – “You feel like someone in a Beatrix Potter story, overturning a flowerpot in some moss covered garden…”. Being a fan of Beatrix Potter and the whimsical stories involving kitten dumplings, an odd frog or two and a very famous rabbit, I found the comparison charming. The image of the shop was lovely in its simplicity – with every item perfectly stacked, labels facing forward and evenly spaced.


It is this kind of organized warmth that I tried to create in my bedroom vanity area. Yes, my beauty products take up an entire area. Using a variety of Asian dry goods – bamboo udon trays, ceramic bowls, tea cups (which make perfect brush holders) and even a partitioned wooden box that once housed a delicious selection of teas, my products are kept neat and on display.

The pop of color (the colorful framed photograph) was a gift from a good friend – its a photo of the colorful butterflies that used to hang in the Ala Moana Neiman Marcus where we both worked. It was at Neiman Marcus where I learned about luxury brands and was introduced to candles (other than the ones found on cake or that were scented like Apple Pie). One of the brands I worked for was Laura Mercier and one Christmas we were given a selection of body products (which were genius) and a gourmand candle. My favorite is Laura Mercier Chocolate Truffle Candle ($48 – discontinued) – if chocolate were a sexy woman, this is what she would smell like. Decadent and sweet with an edge.

So while this treasured candle is about as close I will get to Palm Beach (unless a Nars Multiple counts), Tomas Maier or a $95 Turkish Towel (oh, but I can just imagine) – I’m perfectly happy with my little modest slice of heaven.

OPI I LOVE DKMS NAIL LACQUER There is something extra beautiful about products that don’t only make you look good, but make you feel good. This month Jean Godfrey June brings attention to becoming a bone marrow donor. DKMS at (which didn’t work for me, try: – same website) makes it easy to find out if you could help save a life.

I went online to check out the registration process. First you need to check if your eligible. Unfortunately, I am not eligible for health reasons – but I will double check with my doctor to be sure. If you are eligible, you fill out a few online forms and they will send you a donor kit to collect swabs of your inner cheeks. Its as simple as that.

If you can’t or choose not to become a donor, there are other ways that you can help. Spread the word. Make a monetary donation. $65 will cover the cost of one new donor. You can even buy OPI Nail Lacquer in I Love DKMS ($9 – available August 2011) and a portion of the proceeds goes toward the effort. It’s something to think about.

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