There’s a Monster in the Beauty Closet – July 2011

There's a Monster in the Beauty Closet

July 2011

Product Reviews Based on Recommendations Made by

LUCKY MAGAZINE Beauty Director, Jean Godfrey-June



I have NOT been to many glorious places. I can only dream of “a tiny garden high above the Hermès store/workshops in Paris”. In fact the closest I’ve come to Hermès and possibly Paris, is selling – and wearing what I think is one of the sexiest perfumes of all time. Hermès Eau des Merveilles (O-duh-mare-vay-yuh) which means marvelous water in French, is a “A surprising, woody-amber fragrance capturing the spirit of wood, the memory of the oceans and the sparkle of a constellation.”


For me, it evokes pleasant thoughts of one of my dearest (and most beautiful friends) – who wears this like it was made just for her. Its not to say I haven’t tried it – working in cosmetics has its perks, fortunately for my friend who scored my bottle, wearing this confirmed that I was the cute one. The one that should continue to smell like a cookie (an expensive cookie – my signature fragrance is Comptoir Sud Pacifique Vanille-Extreme $85)  and not a sophisticated French woman with a Birkin bag – or sexy girl with the smoldering eyes.

This will forever be a fragrance that resonates with me – it is eternally nights in Vegas, tequila shots, heavy duty discussions and killer karaoke. Far from gardens in Paris – but divine memories of my very own.


Maison Francis Aqua Universalis BraceletI am not a jewelry girl. Its not to say I don’t like jewelery, but like heavier perfumes like Hermès Eau des Merveilles, it doesn’t like me. While my favorite vanilla fragrance may conjure images of sweetness, one of the few jewelry pieces I can wear has more, well, GRRRR! It also reminds me that beyond the Mommy I’ve become, the rock singing, surfer girl still resides. Just in a one-piece instead of a bikini.

This Sterling Silver 3D Fleur De Lis pendant by Steel Flame($100) is much like the Hermès leather “bracelet” Jean Godfrey-June speaks about – as the longer I wear it, the cooler it looks. I adore it. It is also one of the only truly feminine pieces Steel Flame makes – their other designs include skulls and brass knuckles. Its like a more affordable King Baby.

A gift from a dear friend for a birthday blurred by shots of tequila and Limp Bizkit karaoke – this simple pendant, which is on a black leather cord – is not fragranced, to my knowledge, unlike the Maison Francis Kurkdjian Tour Atour Aqua Universalis Leather Bracelet ($224, Neiman Marcus). A blend of bergamot, lemon, lily of the vally, sweet mock orange and warmed up with a light musk wood (oooh…sounds lovely), Aqua Universalis sounds like it would be a welcome burst of Summertime freshness.

Note: Unlike Jean Godfrey-June, I don’t feel like work is chasing me when I’m in the Cosmetic department. I feel like I’m back at work in the Cosmetic department. Perish the thought – I like it on this side of the counter, thank you.

The Beauty Closet: SURF-VIVAL SPF30+ SUNBLOCK $15

Vertra The Shelter Kona Gold SPF 38 Shane Dorian's Signature Tint Face StickThere really is no feeling like surfing. I’m not talking the big wave ripping kind of surfing (I wouldn’t know) – but the long boarding soul-cleansing kind of surfing. I’m not as mesmerized with surfing as Jean Godfrey-June is, growing up with it 24/7 has a way of demystifying things, but other than the increase in chance of skin cancer, drowning and the occasional shark bite – I can see how surfing would add years to your life. In fact, the most stress free time of my life was when I used to surf a few times a week…but then I didn’t have kids yet!

My goofy-footed surfer girl years have given me some lovely sun spots as well. How I wish I had Vertra The Shelter Kona Gold SPF 38 $22 (designed by Pro Shane Dorian) back in the day. Its very water-resistant and protected my face completely even after recent extremely long, hot days in (ironically) Kona. It has a great golden tan color which blends well and doesn’t feel any heavier than a regular sunblock. Its also very easy to reapply and doesn’t look chalky. Vertra The Shelter is also available in Natural Beige and Translucent (SPF 50). While I get the impression that Vertra is not interested in joining the cosmetic ranks – its also a nice daily product that I like to use to cover my aforementioned sun spots. If you’re wondering if my now fruitless battle with trying to rid myself of these spots was worth the few years I had riding a custom Ernie Tanaka longboard (gift from an ex-boyfriend)…the answer is YES.

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