Avance’ Salon (Honolulu, Hawaii) Review | ‘Cause Cheryl is the BEST!

Avance’ Salon (Honolulu, Hawaii) Review
Stylist: Cheryl


LOL. Before I started this blog I rarely took pictures of myself. Its hard to keep a straight face!

the REVIEW (08/18/2011): It’s been almost exactly 4 months since I saw Cheryl and it was time to finish cutting off the dead ends that remained after my last battle with bleach. I guess I should have been more fair and taken a better before picture – but I was in a rush. The cut was still solid – but my hair was such a mess from MY home color jobs that without some effort it was just a fuzzy mess. Plus it was just time to get it done!!

As usual, Cheryl was super cool and explained what she was doing and why. I pretty much gave her free range – with just a photo to give her an idea of the over all feel. Long story short, she worked at my hair until we were both happy AND got the approval of my husband who was waiting for me. Patiently.

Flat out, I normally hate getting my hair cut. Hate it. But Cheryl is 2/2. I promised her that I would stop coloring my own hair (drastic changes anyway) and would see her every 6 weeks. She has a maintenance program which must work, because my sister goes to her every 4-6 weeks and her hair always looks great. We’ve decided mine is a work in progress – but I have to say that this is the best my hair has looked in a very long time.

If you read my original Yelp! review below, I have to clarify that Avance’ has two sections. The main salon, which is pretty standard and the back room, which I still think feels like the garage. But a friend’s cool hangout garage. I’ve been to most of the top salons on the island in search of a good stylist and have gone to owners and “master” stylists. Their technique may be more refined and the environment uncomfortably posh, but I was never satisfied. I rather go somewhere I feel comfortable and to someone who is going to be straight with me and actually CARE about my crazy head of hair. Seriously, just because something is fancy doesn’t make it the best. Find what’s best for you – who’s best for you – and go with it.

Mahalo again to Cheryl for my rocker mama hairdo!! I’ll see you in 6 weeks girl!

Original Post (04/15/2011 via YELP!): I love Cheryl! To say I’m a picky client would be an understatement. I’ve been to most of the high end salons on Oahu and while Avance’ may lack the ambiance of said salons, I left LOVING my hair for the first time in what feels like forever.

Since my sister had been recommending her for awhile, I booked a last minute appointment with her after damaging my hair with bleach. I hadn’t cut my hair in almost a year (I had salon paranoia) and it was in desperate need of help. During our consultation, we decided that starting over was my best course of action – and I wanted a shorter cut to begin with.

She deep conditioned my hair and even discussed a long term plan (smart) to get my hair back in shape. I watched her cut my hair and she was very skilled at dealing with my thick, coarse, unruly Asian hair. I didn’t end up with any straight “step” layers like I normally do. I normally hate my hair after its cut and styled – but I walked out of there feeling like a new person. A new happy-with-her-hair person.

Yes, I felt like I was getting my hair cut in the garage – but by your best friend who seriously wants to make you look your best. Cheryl was cool, the cut was super reasonable and I think because she hasn’t been jaded with “29 years” of experience – her technique was surprisingly up to date.

This just proves that it doesn’t matter if you have decades of experience, have a fancy website and a glossy chic salon. What matters is how your clients feel when they leave. And I left ready to high-five everyone on the street.

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