Inglot Freedom System Eye Shadow | Review and Looks



PRODUCT RATING:★★★★★★★☆☆☆ (7/10)

PRICE DETAILS: Rainbow Eyeshadow Refill $7 / Freedom System Refill $5. Refillable Palettes $5 – $29

SHADES: 104R, 109R, 111R, 112R, 116R, 117R, 351 Matte, 71 AMC

QUICK ROAR: This is a great affordable replacement for those with Shu Uemura withdrawals or want M·A·C dupes for less. Best for trend colors.

the REVIEW (10/09/2011): The biggest plus about Inglot’s Freedom System Eye Shadow Palettes (and the line in general) is the vast selection of colors available. From natural mattes to all-out glam, these surprisingly affordable pigmented shadows can satisfy any makeup craving. They are easily housed in most open organizers or you can pick up one of their super chic palettes for up to 20 squares. Pressed powder, blush, concealer, lipstick, brow powder and wax are also available in various shapes/sizes and can also be made into customized palettes. One down side is that the palettes only house one particular shape/size – so you can’t combine products.

On a recent Vegas trip, my sister served as my proxy in the Inglot store in Ceasar’s Palace. Unfortunately, many of the colors I originally wanted were sold out – but we managed to select these beauties via text. I was particularly intrigued by the Rainbow collection, single pan shadows with 3 shade gradations. The brown “rainbows” are great for shading brows (I use the darkest color in bare spots, fill with the medium shade and define with the lightest to prevent it from looking too heavy) and for creating a gradated smokey eye. The pigments are generous and work best on “healthy” lids that aren’t parched – though a little touch of primer made all the difference as well.


Looks (L-R): Killer Greens, Pretty Peach

INGLOT 109RKiller Greens: My favorite shade in the bunch was Rainbow 109R, a trio of killer greens. I used the darkest color over a black liner and shaded with the medium and light color to create a smokey forest eye, defining with the medium warm brown shade from 112R. A touch of 351 matte (bone) on the brow and the medium shade from 117R on the brow finished the look – which lasted through a grueling 12 hour work day.

INGLOT 111RPretty Peach: 111R, a parfait of pretty matte peaches is another favorite, giving eyes a brightened look with little effort. Pairing it with 112R – using the lightest color in the crease, medium color on the brow and darkest shade as liner, I whipped on this super natural look in under 3 minutes.

(Note: I’ll post more looks as I do them.)

the FINAL ROAR: The formulation is not as pigmented as Shu Uemura Pressed Eye Shadow – but since they are literally 1/3 the price and still really good shadows, its worth taking a closer look. With 209 single shades in mattes, pearl, shine, double sparkle (DS), AMC and AMC Shine and 20 Rainbow options, you’re sure to be able to create your perfect palette.


SHOP NOW - WHERE TO BUYInglot Freedom System is available at


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