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“This finely milled, creamy, hydrating powder foundation is pure perfection.” –


PRICE DETAILS: $65 (includes travel container, sifter and brush). $50 for refill. Samples available for $4.95. (♦♦♦♦♦)

PRESENTATION: Lovely dark violet glass jar.

COLOR REVIEWED: #110 Luz/Light and #120 Justo/Golden Beige

COLOR OPTIONS: (7) Seven shades from #100 Creme/Ivory to #160 Marron/Brown.

KEY FEATURES: 100% BISMUTH & TITANIUM DIOXIDE FREE, sweat resistant, contains plant extracts, exotic fruit infusions, and antioxidants to help improve skin texture, helps protect against the sun with phyto ingredients, cosmetic-grade ingredients will not clog pores, ingredients help bind moisture to the skin, so it is not drying.

QUICK REVIEW: You had me at 100% bismuth free – ZERO ITCH! This semi-matte, vegan, botanical enriched formula provides adjustable coverage that can be used alone for a natural finish or over traditional foundation for extra coverage. The elegant (reusable) packaging give the product a nice luxury touch.



My fascination with mineral makeup (MMU) has evolved into a love/hate relationship over the last decade. The MMU of ten years ago (and some today) were oddly colored, too shiny (think metallic – like a robot) and since majority of MMU has bismuth oxychloride – itchy. Still, I was determined to find a product that would offer me an option with more natural ingredients than traditional foundations.


CHRISTOPHER DRUMMOND BEAUTY VELUDO VELVET FOUNDATION ($65, caught my attention (thank you BLOOM.COM!) due to its unique ingredients and packaging. This is not your everyday mineral makeup.

PACKAGING NOTE: Veludo Velvet Foundation (VV) is packaged in glorious heavy weight dark violet glass jars. Very different from the cheap, flat, plastic containers that MMU is normally packaged in. The luxurious jar is also – refillable. Refills are $50 and do not come with the brush or extras.

THE EXPERIENCEWith a small collection of 7 shades, Veludo Velvet seems to focus on providing universal shades for ethnic skin tones. My Winter skin tone is a light/medium yellow beige, and #110 Luz/Light is a good match (if just a little on the slightly cool side). During the Summer my skin is a warm medium tan and #120 Justo/Golden Beige was a spot on match – leaning heavily on the golden/olive undertones without being orange. VV has a more powdery texture than other MMU – possibly from the cornstarch or clay, but once it melds with skin, it does not look heavy or dry. The medium coverage powder does not have any discernible fragrance and the absence of titanium dioxide makes it photo friendly.

At first, the application was a little tricky. I was initially disappointed because it seemed to not provide any coverage at all! So I went online and found Mr. Drummond’s videos on YouTube which had great, straight forward tips on how to use the products. After using the right brush (not from Christopher Drummond, but a flat top with soft bristles) and using several light layers – I was able to master the application and obtain the right level of coverage that I wanted (medium). You also do not need to “buff” it into the skin like other MMU – eliminating any unnecessary friction on the skin.


Use Veludo 1-2 shades darker than your foundation shade as a bronzer to create an incredibly natural tanned glow. This gives the face dimension and boosts skin tone.


#100 Creme/Ivory: For very light skin with pink undertones
#110 Luz/Light: For light to fair skin with neutral/beige undertones
#120 Justo/Golden Beige: For medium skin with light Beige or light olive undertones
#130 Media/Tan: For medium olive or dark Beige undertones; Mediterranean or Latin backgrounds
#140 Momo/Warm: A beautiful yellow-red medium foundation developed for Latin, Indian, African American and Southeast Asian women that have some pink tones in their skin.
#150 Bege/Caramel: A rich caramel-brown for darker skin tones with undertone of red, gold and bronze
#160 Marrom/Brown: For darker African American women, this color will blend flawlessly with a blue tone without turning “ashy”, while warming the color up. Made for skin colors that are deep and difficult to match. Perfect for darker skin tones.


Christopher Drummond Veludo Velvet (with a little Christopher Drummond Skin Prep, Duo-Phase Concealer and Saude Pele Radiance Booster) covered acne scars, age/sun spots, pores and lasted over 12 hours. It didn’t mask skin’s natural texture – leaving skin with its natural glow.


I really liked how it didn’t make my skin look dry, even if it initially has a more powdery texture than other MMU. Whether its moisturizing properties are hard to determine – I will stretch and say that it improved blemishes and redness due to the botanicals and clay, which also kept skin shine-free for at least 8 hours.

That said, I really like the results when using VV in conjunction with a liquid foundation or base product first. This destroys the whole “natural” concept, but as you can see by my “BEFORE” picture – my 40 year old, sun and acne ravaged skin needs all the help it can get. My favorite combination is using a BB cream like Bobbi Brown

THE FINAL ROARChristopher Drummond Veludo Velvet Foundation gives skin a believable, perfected glow. Yes, its expensive (though not much more than my favorite Jane Iredale PurePressed Base SPF20) – but the thoughtful collection of multi-ethnic shades, exotic ingredient list and incredibly natural finish are hard to beat.

WOULD I BUY THIS AGAINYES. I really like the finish of Veludo Velvet and think it makes an excellent finishing powder alternative.



MAKEUP ALLEYRead unbiased reviews about Christopher Drummond Veludo Velvet Foundation at


PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: This finely milled, creamy, hydrating powder foundation is pure perfection. All natural, light-as-air, and glides on the skin effortlessly. It minimizes redness, evens out discoloration, and adds great coverage. Veludo is ideal for even those with the most sensitive skin. Your purchase of Veludo Velvet Foundation includes 8g of the finest natural, vegan and organic-based product found on the market today. Sample sizes are available for each shade of our Veludo Velvet Foundation. Set with Finale Finishing Powder or Encore Versatile Pressed Powder for stay all day gorgeous skin.
CHRISTOPHER DRUMMOND VELUDO VELVET FOUNDATION INGREDIENTS Sericite (fine grained mica), Zinc Oxide, Iron Oxides, Organic Cornstarch, White Kaolin Clay, Organic Lavender Essential Oil, Organic Lime Essential Oil, Organic Clove Bud Essential Oil, Organic Vanilla Extract, Organic Geranium Essential Oil, Organic Patchouli Essential Oil, May contain: Mica, Ultramarine Blue
**This product (Veludo Velvet #110. #120 was purchased by Cosmetic Monster) was submitted by Christopher Drummond representatives for review consideration. This is not an advertisement for this product. All reviews and information gathered independently by Cosmetic Monster (or from press releases) – and no compensation is received based on the review outcome or sales generated from this review. Cosmetic Monster pays WordPress to be AD FREE and does not participate in affiliate programs (only referral links for Hautelook and Birchbox yield compensation).


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  1. First use our dimethicone free SkinPrep primer and then apply our all natural Duo-Phase concealer. You may sparingly use the concealer over the entire face, applying a little extra where you need the coverage and then apply the Veludo. You will achieve excellent coverage.

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