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Honeyed Peach Salad

NATUREBOX - HONEYCOMB SUNFLOWER AND PEACH SALADEver since going on the Fast Metabolism Diet, I’ve been trying to eat healthier, whole foods. Since I’m an amateur foodie and am inspired by bold flavors and interesting combinations – salads are an easy, quick and delicious ways to combine beautiful ingredients without using excessive refined sugars and processed foods.

This yummy, Summer salad uses seasonal fruits (you can change out the peaches for berries or other fruit), mild feta cheese and crunchy, sweet NatureBox Honeycomb Sunflower Seeds for delightful bites of flavor. Grilled chicken (I use pre-packaged nitrate-free chicken when I’m in a hurry) adds lean protein and the Honey Vinaigrette adds acid and balance.

NatureBox is a new healthy snack delivery service – and so far, I love it! The snacks could be a bit healthier, but the selection is diverse and for $19.95 a month you get a customized selection (you can pick or be surprised) of 5 snacks. Join NatureBox HERE.

Read the rest of this entry for easy recipe or click image for printable .pdf of recipe.

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Honeyed Peach Salad by Cosmetic Monster

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