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Clayspray Mattifying Red Clay Masque | Review

Mineral rich clay, with restorative properties regulates oil secretion in the skin, combats blemishes, and purifies. Deep cleansing, absorbs and eliminates impurities and soothes leaving skin with a fresh matte look. (Clayspray)


PRICE DETAILS: $59.95 for 125 ml. (about 20 full face applications) $$$

PRESENTATION: White metal container with “spray” container. Similar to shaving cream dispenser.

TEXTURE & SCENT: Creamy, emulsified, smooth textured red clay with no artificial fragrance.

SKIN TYPE: Oily, acne prone skin. Combination or mature skin – t-zone only. Avoid eye area.

KEY FEATURES: Enriched with minerals that possess anti-aging benefits including silica to boost collagen iron to activate the circulation and magnesium to heal. It absorbs impurities whilst helping to reduces blemishes and regulate the skin’s natural oils for a fresh, matte appearance

QUICK REVIEW: CLAYSPRAY MATTIFYING RED CLAY MASQUE is a powerful purifying treatment that effectively absorbs excess oil, minimizes blemishes (overnight) and clears pores. At first I thought it was too strong for my combination skin – but after 24 hours, my skin was smoother, less oily in the t-zone and any minor blemishes I had vanished.



Using a facial mask regularly can dramatically improve the look of your skin – both immediately and over time. Clayspray (by Pharmaclay) perfects the traditional clay mask by using select clays from various sites that are historically known for their therapeutic properties. The Red Clay in Mattifying Red Clay Masque is naturally antiseptic, promotes deep skin cleansing and astringent. By utilizing a special maturation process, the unique clay emulsions present skin with a high level of effectiveness that cannot be found in powdered or dry clay.

CLAYSPRAY DISPENSERUNIQUE PACKAGING: A novel container stores the clay emulsion in an air-tight compartment, keeping it stable and fresh for the desired applications. The air propellant never comes into contact with the product, thus guaranteeing its purity.

Just be sure to lift the novel and clean underneath periodically. →


A mini at-home facial is one of my favorite ways to pamper myself. This weekly (sometimes bi-weekly if I’m lucky) ritual helps give my skin a boost by removing imbedded impurities, dulling dead skin and zapping emerging blemishes. Clayspray masques are incredibly easy to use, dry quickly and provide the same results as a professional facial.

No, the product isn’t an actual spray. The best way to apply this creamy, quick drying mask is to spray skin with Clayspray Hydrate H2O Spray Mineral Water, dispense a bit into a small ceramic dish and apply directly to skin with a brush. You don’t waste any product and can get a very even application with this method. I love the idea of having a fresh application every time!

Mattifying Red Clay mask does dry down hard. If someone makes you laugh or smile, the dried mask areas will crack. It also feels a little itchy – but the origin is from the clay shrinking and drawing out impurities, not from irritation.

CLAYSPRAY MATTIFYING RED CLAY MASQUE BThe end result is completely matte skin that stays shine-free for about 6 hours. At first the sensation was a little too matte and dry, but after a 24 hour period, my skin looked super smooth, pores were noticeably refined, oily breakthrough was minimal and any minor blemishes I had vanished. Clayspray Mattifying Red Clay Masque also makes an amazing spot treatment and is so gentle that I used it on my 11 year old’s t-zone (she’s starting to breakout) and her blackheads were greatly reduced in the matter of days.

THE FINAL ROARAt first, I thought CLAYSPRAY MATTIFYING RED CLAY MASQUE was going to be too harsh for my 40 year old combination skin. I’m glad I gave it a 2nd (and 3rd) chance, because the results are amazing. It wasn’t the favorite of the 3 masks I received (I also tried PORE REFINING WHITE CLAY MASQUE and TONING WHITE CLAY WITH ALOE VERA MASQUE) but I’m growing to love it more with every use (I’ve used it the most). The creamy texture (first ever clay emulsion) makes the application a truly luxurious and relaxing experience – and in 10 minutes, you’ll look rested and like you just went to the spa.

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CLAYSPRAY MATTIFYING RED CLAY MASQUE INGREDIENTS: Clay (argilla), water (aqua), cardamom (elletaria cardamomum) seed oil, citric acid, sodium hexametaphoshate, sodium polyacrylate.
INSTRUCTIONS: Spray or moisten skin with natural mineral water. Dispense product into your hand and massage into the area to be treated. Avoid contact with eyes. Leave on until dry. Wash skin with water until clay is removed.
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