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Simone France Instant Spa Facial – The Sandwich Method | Review & Results

Deep cleanse, moisturize, exfoliate. All in 60 seconds.


PRICE DETAILS: $99 for Normal-Slightly Dry Instant Spa Facial $$
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INCLUDES: 2oz. Lovely Glow, 2oz. Refining Scrub, Soap and 30 Signature Cleansing Cloths.

PRESENTATION: Simple white plastic flip top tubes and jars.

TEXTURE & SCENT: See review

SKIN TYPE: Normal – Slightly Dry. Other skin type kits available.

KEY FEATURES: Simple, straight forward formulas used in Simone France’s unique Sandwich method balances and perfects better than “loaded” products.

QUICK REVIEW: In 2 minutes, Simone France forever changed the way I look at cleansing. The very first time you use the Sandwich method, you will be amazed by how effective and simple it is – and more importantly, how soft and smooth your skin can be.



THE REVIEWSIMONE FRANCE THE SANDWICH INSTRUCTIONSJust the fact that Simone France skin care has been around for 50+ years and has graced the faces of Laura Mercier and François Nars is an enormous testament for the potential of this brand’s ability to change your skin.

The Sandwich method Instructions

NOTE: If you take a look at my before and after images (toward the end of this post), you are not going to see a lot of change. Since I am constantly testing products and using active ingredients, my skin is normally in good shape (with its stubborn imperfections – large pores and spots). Even if you can’t SEE the improvements – they are there. Once we fine tuned my routine, within a few days I had no breakouts, no dry patches, no rash, no excess oil.

What I did experience was an exciting whole new way of cleansing. The Instant Spa Facial which utilizes Simone’s signature Sandwich method is ingenious and one of the best beauty discoveries I’ve made in the last decade. You essentially start (yes, start) with moisturizer application. This step provides skin with a protective cushion before applying scrub and soap. [NO RINSING – WE’RE LAYERING PRODUCTS FIRST] Depending on your skin type, you then apply the Refining Scrub using wet finger tips (use more/less water depending on your tolerance) to remove dulling dead skin cells that makes skin look dull. This is followed by massaging the Facial Soap later with wet hands into the moisturizer and scrub. The whole concoction is then removed with a Signature Cleansing Cloth (which is like a thick gauze) and followed by lots of splashes of water. The last step is an application of moisturizer. It sounds like a lot – but once you get it down, it takes about 2 minutes max.


Fine tuning my Sandwich took a little effort and the help of the wonderful Penny Kjellberg (see below). My complete Simone France regimen consisted of 8 different products (moisturizer, scrub, soap, cleansing milk, toner, exfoliating mask, clay mask and pure emu oil). While the results were great – I can see how this would seem to be a little overwhelming for those who prefer a simpler routine. It actually is very easy – you just have different products that focus on different objectives. If you want to start simple – start with the Sandwich for your skin type. This 60-second routine will change your skin within a few days.

SIMONE FRANCE CUSTOMER SERVICE: Incredible. Penny Kjellberg, a former national beauty editor and owner of a PR agency – teamed with Simone and launched one of the first skin are websites in 1999. Their mission was to talk to clients “straight-on” (and she does) about their skin and only make promises they knew they could keep. That is unheard of in the beauty industry with relies on glossy ads and hype. Penny personally answers emails (I had a few questions, concerns and adjustments to my routine – you can do the same) in a timely manner and with friendly professionalism. Very few companies do this. No automated, generic answers here!

Penny brought her two sister-in-laws on board to cover additional basis (love) and since Simone has retired from the company – Penny, Sally and Jean keep the Simone France traditions as pure and alive as ever. They are vested in their business, passionate about their products and can teach most companies a thing or two (or more) about the art of customer service.

PRODUCT RATING: ★★★★★★★★★ (9/10)

SIMONE FRANCE LOVELY GLOWLOVELY GLOW is a comforting moisturizer and one of my favorite Simone France products. It has a soft, creamy, texture that leans toward the oily side (wait – read on). Even though my skin is combination with some oily areas, I do not like “oil free” products. I was originally sent the Light Moisture Cream, which isn’t a “bad” product at all (I use it on occasion during this step since its mostly washed off anyway) – I just prefer something a lot more emollient. Light Moisture didn’t give me the supple feeling I prefer – but Lovely Glow has the perfect consistency and I’m more confident about its ingredients as well.

The white creamy moisturizer blends well over skin and can be diluted by applying to slightly damp skin since it can feel a little oily for daytime. It still works extremely well under makeup and I saw significantly less dryness at the end of the day. Since I committed to doing the Simone France techniques – I also used this around my eye area with good results. When my skin needed an extra boost, I mixed a drop of Simone France Line Minimizer into it for an amazing night cream. Overall, a good, standard moisturizer for combination, dry and even sensitive skin – plus the generous 2 oz. size (1 oz. – 1.7 oz. is the norm) will last over 3 months.

**Note: For your organic sticklers – the product is listed as organic and contains some organic ingredients, but is not a certified organic product. Learn more about what “organic” means when it comes to cosmetics HERE.

PRODUCT RATING: ★★★★★★★ (8/10)

SIMONE FRANCE REFINING SCRUBREFINING SCRUB is an adjustable scrub that uses Diatomaceous Earth to buff away dulling dead skin and clear the pores. Refining Scrub has a white, slightly pearled color with a slightly firm cream texture and no obvious scent . If you have any skin conditions like Rosacea or sensitivity – this product is not for you. Just leave it out of your Sandwich formula. Since I have a little redness on my cheeks, I only use a tiny bit of this (diluted with water) on my t-zone 2x a week.

Rosacea or Sensitivity? Refining Scrub is not for you.→

If you have any other skin type without sensitivity or Rosacea, this product will effectively clear away any debris and leave your skin baby soft. Just remember to use very little and wet your fingers to evenly spread the product and avoid over exfoliation. When I first started using this unique method – I experienced a little over exfoliation because I was pressing too hard with the Signature Cleansing Cloths and using too much scrub. Gentle is the best – and just a dab will do ya.

TIP: I tried The Sandwich Method on my legs and arms as an experiment (I used body lotion, Refining Scrub and the Simone France Organic Facial Soap). I’ve never had smoother legs and arms. It’s perfect to use right before self tanner.

PRODUCT RATING: ★★★★★★★★★ (9/10)

SIMONE FRANCE ORGANIC FACIAL SOAPFacial soap – particularly a bar of soap, makes most people worry if its going to dry the skin. The truth is that soap has remained the world’s best cleansing agent – but traditional soap and water methods are to blame for the dry, tight, stripped feeling that normally accompanies such application. ORGANIC FACIAL SOAP utilizes simple ingredients (safflower, palm and coconut oil with grapefruit seed and rosemary extract) to create an amazingly creamy lather with a mild scent, that leaves skin beautifully clean, fresh – without any negative after effects. When used as part of your Sandwich, you will never go back to washing your face the old fashioned way again.

**Note: For your organic sticklers – this product is certified organic. Learn more about what “organic” means when it comes to cosmetics HERE.

SIMONE FRANCE SIGNATURE CLEANSING CLOTHS ($32.50, 200 cloths | $10, 30 cloths)
PRODUCT RATING: ★★★★★★★ (9/10)

SIMONE FRANCE SIGNATURE CLEANSING CLOTHSSIGNATURE CLEANSING CLOTHS work as part of the Sandwich, removing cleansing milk or mask while leaving your skin feeling like a baby’s cheek. The thick, soft cloths gently exfoliates and removes your Sandwich, cleansing milk (PM) or mask without leaving annoying fibers behind. They are wonderful and while similar to medical gauze – the quality is much, much higher.

Signature Cleansing Cloths are made from a proprietary fiber blend (synthetic) and are not biodegradable. For those of you who are (and should be) concerned about post consumer waste, you can choose to re-use these cloths (I’ll report back on durability) as part of your morning Sandwich – and use a baby washcloth to remove makeup (wash them with your clothing to minimize wasting water). If you use the Signature Cleansing Cloths to remove makeup, they need to be discarded after one use.

Personally, I’ve been using one in the morning as part of my Sandwich and one at night to remove makeup. The price doesn’t bother me (about 16¢ per cloth) but the “waste” was bothering me. I had been using reusable washcloths (which I wash once a week with our bath towels) but prefer the feel of the Signature Cleansing Cloths. Going forward I’ll be reusing the Cloths for a few days in the AM as part of my Sandwich – then I’m going to use the old ones to clean the bathroom sink. I’ll use a pant hanger (with clips) to thoroughly dry the used cloths as well.

THE FINAL ROARSIMONE FRANCE INSTANT SPA FACIAL – SANDWICH METHOD has changed the way I approach my AM cleansing. I love that I feel pampered but it only takes a minute or two to do. I’ve switched to the Rosacea/Redness – Normal to Slightly Dry routine and it works perfectly for me. Since I’m always testing new products (some with better success than others), my skin is often irritated and imbalanced. Simone France will always have a place in my cabinet – and her methods will be my solution for happy skin.

SIMONE FRANCE CLAIM: Thousands of women have makeup optional skin after using The Instant Spa Facial with the famous Sandwich method for just a few weeks. Am I makeup optional?

I’ve always been makeup optional (unless I’m going to work or to a function) – I have no problem going to a soccer game or to the grocery store sans-cosmetics. However, since my skin is less red, less irritated and glowing – I’d say YES, I’m makeup optional.



(Left – Before, Right – After 4 weeks of use) – There isn’t a noticeable different in this picture in regards to pore size and my discoloration (this is the worst part of my skin – and therefore the best area for comparison). However, my skin is very smooth with no dry spots and a lot more balanced with less oily breakthrough. Also no breakouts or irritation. 



Simone France Refining Scrub, Lovely Glow (swatches) and Organic Facial Soap.


SIMONE FRANCE ORGANIC FACIAL SOAP INGREDIENTS: 100% organic ingredients. Sapponified oils of safflower and/or sunflower, palm oil, coconut oil, grapefruit seed extract, rosemary extract.
SIMONE FRANCE LIGHT MOISTURE CREAM INGREDIENTS: Water, Safflower Seed Oil, Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides, Glyceryl Stearate, Dimethicone, Sodium Hyaluronate, Ascorbic Acid (vitamin C), Tocopherol (vitamin E), Cetyl Alcohol, Isocetyl Stearate, Cetearyl Alcohol, Ceteareth-20, Steareth-2, Steareth-20, Sodium Polyacrylate, Ethylhexyl Stearate, Trideceth-6, Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl Glycol, Imidazolidinyl Urea, Tetrasodium EDTA
SIMONE FRANCE LOVELY GLOW INGREDIENTS: Organic Aloe Juice, Rose Distillate, Avocado Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Emu Oil, Emulsifying Wax NF, Kosher Vegetable Glycerin, Organic Palm Oil, Palm Stearic Acid, Vitamin E, Phenoxyethanol, Tetrasodium EDTA, Rosehip Oil, Vitamin C Ester, Pro-Vitamin B5, Allantoin, Xanthan Gum, Wheat Germ Oil, Carrot Seed Oil, Vitamin A, Organic Black Willow Bark Extract, Rosemary, Oleoresin, Neem Oil, Citric Acid
SIMONE FRANCE REFINING SCRUB INGREDIENTS: Purified Water, Glycerin, Glyceryl Stearate, Diatomaceous Earth, Triethanolamine, Phenoxyethanol, Diazolidinyl Urea, Sodium Dehydroacetate
**This product was submitted by Simone France representatives for review consideration. This is not an advertisement for this product. All reviews and information is gathered independently by Cosmetic Monster or from press releases – and no compensation is received based on the outcome or sales generated from this review. Cosmetic Monster pays WordPress to be AD FREE and does not participate in affiliate programs – all links are provided to promote products, but without compensation. Only REFERRAL links for sites like Hautelook or Birchbox yield compensation (usually points or credit).



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