Tom Ford Beauty Fall 2013 Collection + Daytime Smokey Eye



Tom Ford Beauty Fall 2013 Color Collection + Daytime Smokey Eyes

TOM FORD FALL 2013 BLURBCOLLECTION: Ombré Eye Color in She Wolf* & In the Pink ($60 each), Ultra Length Mascara* ($42), Eye Defining Pen* ($55), Eye Primer Duo* ($45), Nail Lacquer in Show Me the Pink* & Black Sugar ($32, limited edition), Lip Color in Vanilla Suede, Sable Smoke, Crimson Noir, Bruised Plum ($49 each, repromote),

TOM FORD BEAUTY is now available at DFS Galleria in Waikiki, London Heathrow Airport (Terminal 3 &5) and Dubai International Airport (Terminal 1 & Concourse 3). Also available at Neiman Marcus Ala Moana (Hawaii).

IN THIS POST: Reviews and swatches of the Tom Ford Beauty Fall Collection (products marked with *), how to create a daytime smokey eye without getting funny looks from your kids and co-workers.


Before we get into Tom Ford’s amazing Fall Collection and how to do a smokey eye that’s daytime appropriate – let’s take a look at this hilarious commercial from GoGurt. Cosmetic Monster is not sponsored by GoGurt or anything (although my kids eat these frozen all the time) – this commercial just cracks me up.

LOL! I love it. Now let’s get to the good stuff.

SMOKEY EYES. All makeup artists will translate the “smokey eye” differently. My definition is a look that focuses on dark color around the entire perimeter of the eye (to varying degrees of intensity) – including the lower lash line.  [SEE SOME SMOKEY EYE LOOKS AT PINTEREST MINI]. The look is historically dramatic. It looks great in editorials, on the runway and on Pinterest – but in reality, the smokey eye can also be the most aging and over done.

Like any form of art – the end results of makeup artistry is subjective. So at the end of the day, if GoGurt Mom feels bold, daring and beautiful in her (ahem) smokey eye, then you go…gurt. By all means – experiment. Its only makeup and it washes off.

TOM FORD OMBRE EYE COLOR IN SHE WOLFIf you’re afraid of the smokey eye because its “too dark” or “too complicated” – rejoice.

←TOM FORD OMBRÉ EYE COLOR TRIO IN SHE WOLF ($60) combines a matte charcoal with a touch of warmth, a shimmery gunmetal and a silver lead sparkle to create an amazing palette that can be worn day or night. Ridiculously pretty.

MONSTER NOTE - PENIf you want to successfully update your cosmetic wardrobe with one product, She Wolf should be at the top of your Fall 2013 list. I normally can’t wear gray shadow without looking tired – but the touches of warmth in a distinctive cool base make these pigmented shadows wearable on any skin tone. While intense on their own, when used with the TOM FORD EYE PRIMER DUO ($45) the effects are magnified.




Tom Ford Ombre Eye Color Trio in She Wolf Swatches: The left side of each swatch group was used with the Tom Ford Eye Primer. The right side of each swatch group is on bare skin. Swatches were taken with fingertip application. Top – High sparkle silver lead. Middle – Shimmery Gunmetal. Bottom – Matte deep brown black.


(L-R): Slightly heavier daytime smokey eye (artificial light), Soft daytime smokey eye (natural light). The techniques and products used in both looks are the same, just varying in the intensity of application.

Daytime Smokey Eye Step-by-Step

TOM FORD FALL 20131. PREP. You always want to start with a clean, smooth canvas. If your eye area is dry or you are having a particularly obvious issue with dark circles – skip the smokey eye altogether. You can hide issues a bit easier under the cloak of darkness, but under glaring office lights and sunlight – you will manage to age yourself by 10 years.

-Use a liquid concealer (vs. a cream or stick) to slightly brighten the under eye area. Make a triangle from corner to corner to top of cheek bone. Blend well. Use the same liquid concealer or primer (I used the Tom Ford Eye Primer Duo) to perfect and smooth lids. Leave brow bone bare or just use a touch of matte loose powder (only on the brow bone) to even things out.

2. LINE. First. Use a dark brown (its the new black – at least for daytime) in your upper and lower lash lines. Concentrate color IN the lash line and waterline (unless you have sensitivity). The trick is to close up the “waterline” or the lower rim beyond your lashes and closer to your eyeball. Smokey eyes have a mystery about them (think of the half-closed sultry eyes of Marlene Dietrich) but instead of making eyes looks small and disappear – it draws attention to the center of the orbital area, making the eyes the focal point.

3. LAYER. This is going to sound complicated – but its quite simple and using the three coordinated shadows in the Ombre Eye Color Trio in She Wolf ($60) makes it even easier. Since you are working with a dark matte and a medium shimmer in the same color family, you can easily go back and forth, layering the dark color with an angled brush (bottom brush in photo) over the liner first, then using a softer precision brush (top brush in photo) to “smoke” out the look by blending the shimmer over the dark shade.

SHU UEMURA BRUSHES 4R 7HGo back and intensify the dark color closest to the lash line to define. The quality of the Tom Ford shadows allow you to layer without the look getting heavy or muddy. The intent is to create a smooth gradation from dark to light (hence – ombré). For a little visual interest – add a tiny touch of the sparkle shade to the inner corners of the eyes.

TIP #1: Keep this “daytime” by not allowing the shadow to go beyond the crease. You are essentially creating a effect within the LINER area – not as eye shadow.

TIP #2: A bare brow bone and softly defined brows look best with this softer version of the smokey eye. A frosty or overly shimmery shade on the brow bone makes the look “dated”. (Google 80’s eye makeup – a lot of them have frosty pale shades on their brow bone…)

4. DEFINE. The Eye Defining Pen ($55) is a genius duo ended liquid pen with a calligraphy style tip on one end and a tiny fine tip brush on the other. Use the thinner brush to darken the upper lash line. Complete the look by curling lashes and applying 2 thin coats of TOM FORD ULTRA LENGTH MASCARA ($42). This luxury mascara delivers lash extension, all day smudge-proof wear and carbon black color.

TOM FORD SABLE SMOKE5. FINISH. Cheek Color in Frantic Pink isn’t part of the collection – but a tiny pop of this on top of the cheek bones will work with the overly subdued palette on the eyes and lips. The lip colors in this collection are re-promoted shades – for this look, Vanilla Suede for lighter skin tones and Sable Smoke (shown) for medium to deep skin tones are good options. Basically keep the lips neutral – but not too pale. The Nail Lacquer in Show Me the Pink (a shimmery light pink with a touch of peach & shimmer – swatch show left) has a lovely tone that works well on my warmer skin tone – but the formula didn’t apply smoothly. Black Sugar is a deep taupe plum with a touch of shimmer (OPI You Don’t Know Jacques! or Sephora by OPI Metro Too Chic are similar) – great color but its already been done.


Product Breakdown

These are the quick reviews for the products I’ve used from the Tom Ford Beauty Fall 2013 collection.

Ombre Eye Color Trio in She Wolf ($60) ★★★★★★★★ (9/10)

I normally shy away from gray shadow – but She Wolf has just the right amount of brown that makes it workable on my skin tone. The three textures (matte, shimmer, sparkle) work ingeniously together and provides excellent coverage & wear without looking heavy or muddy. Even if you have similar colors (remember Shu Uemura ME Silver 945?) you will not be disappointed in this luxury shadow.

Eye Primer Duo ($45) ★★★★★★★★ (8/10)

This compact has 2 parts: a cream primer and in the cap – a transparent setting powder. The cream primer is incredible (and I don’t like shadow base). It really intensifies shadow (see swatches above), wears all day and doesn’t make the lids took cakey or heavy. It is completely transparent so it will work on all skin tones without looking ashy – but still gives lids a perfected look. I don’t have oily eyelids (quite the opposite actually) so I don’t need to use the powder over the primer. However, I do use a touch on its own on my lower lash line before applying pencil liner and also use a touch OVER finished lower lash line liner to prevent smudging.

Eye Defining Pen ($55) ★★★★★★★★ (8/10)

Amazing liner with a crazy price (if it was $25 – it would be a 10!). The duo ended concept is great and I love the brush tips – I sold tons of the Shu Uemura Liquid Eyeliner pens which had a similar tip. The formula glides on smoothly, doesn’t smudge or fade and is the most glamorous shade of carbon black.

Ultra Length Mascara ($42) ★★★★★★★★ (8/10)

I’ve tried the Tom Ford Extreme Mascara ($42) and while I really wanted to love it – my lashes just drooped under the weight of it. If a mascara costs $42, I expect amazingness to happen. When I received the Ultra Length, I didn’t expect much. Then amazingness happened. With one coat, lashes were visibly longer, clump-free and maintained my curl + no smudging.

Nail Lacquer in Show Me the Pink ($32) ★★★★★★ (6/10)

If I based my review souly on the color of this polish – it would be a 10. It’s an opaque lovely light (but not too milky) pink with a touch of peach and just a hint of delicate shimmer. Light polishes normally look to stark on my medium skin tone particularly if they are on the opaque side.


TOM FORD BEAUTY is now available at DFS Galleria in Waikiki, London Heathrow Airport (Terminal 3 &5) and Dubai International Airport (Terminal 1 & Concourse 3). Also available at Neiman Marcus Ala Moana (Hawaii).



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