My Bucket List: Short, Sweet, Not Terribly Inventive


My Bucket List

I’ve heard of this term for several years now and found the concept a little silly. You need a list to remind you what you want to do in your lifetime? Would you feel incomplete if you didn’t succeed? How realistic is it to go around the world in a hot air balloon? I suppose if you approach the idea with starry eyes and a touch of reality – a list serving as reminders of what you HOPE for your life isn’t a bad thing.

ID-10027762So here is my list. Its short, sweet and not terribly inventive. They are things I am capable of achieving (except for #10 – which includes other people).

1. Get Kipapa Elementary an AED.
2. Take my kids to Disneyland in 2014.
3. Pay off all credit cards and loans in 2.5 years.
4. Open Roth IRA.
5. Lose 5 pounds.
6. Run Great Aloha Run with <12:19 minute miles.
7. Visit New York and Europe at least once in my lifetime.
8. Write a children’s book (published or not).
9. Eat at 4 new restaurants this year (2014)
10. See my friends socially at least once a month.

I’m putting my list out there. What’s on your list?? Any ideas??

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3 thoughts on “My Bucket List: Short, Sweet, Not Terribly Inventive

  1. 1) Moving into my own apartment
    2) Buy my favourite side table for my corridor
    3) Set up a fixed Pilates routine
    4) Write a novel 😀 (published or not as well)
    5) Getting more sleep
    6) Meet my friends more than I do now – and that does include my friends who aren’t living in my country as well
    7) Finally traveling through Europe/Japan in the next 4 years
    8) Open my own blog
    9) Learn to split time between work und free time

    That’s my list! 😀

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