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FORMULA X FOR SEPHORA LOGOFun Confetti Mani: Formula X for Sephora Demolition & Wonderous

FORMULA X FOR SEPHORA DEMOLITION AND WONDEROUSBefore I had kids – my nails were always polished. Now, with 2 kids, full time job and an involuntary early bedtime (I have a hard time staying awake past 10) – I’m lucky if I keep my nails trimmed. So when I do manage to carve out some me-time for a manicure, I want it to: 1. Look good and 2. Last pass a week. So I normally opt for a natural sheer – relatively boring shade. The conundrum is sheer polish always looks streaky or are too pink/white.

Enter NEW Formula X for Sephora Translucents polish in Wonderous ($10.50,, a sheer milky pink that glides on without a streak in sight. A single coat magically transformed my nails into healthy looking, shiny, smooth tips.

I couldn’t resist Formula X for Sephora Xplosives Top Coat in Demolition ($12.50,, a white, turquoise, lime, orange non-glittery confetti. The densely packed polish layered on adequate amounts of confetti to my tips for a super fun manicure.

The entire Formula X for Sephora line is incredibly addictive – even jaded and disenchanted nail aficionados will find the enormous collection amazing and exciting.



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