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The Magic of Transformation

Everyone loves a makeover – there’s something undeniably magical about transformation. I would like to share a few simple DIY projects that I’ve completed (with some help) over the last few months.

Problem: Dead, grey wood from extreme exposure. Not pretty.

We’re not sure what kind of wood this is, but when we received the bench it was (as you can see from the bottom image) – grey. At first I was just going to paint over it – I didn’t think restoration was possible. But a challenge is always fun – and I was on vacation for a week.

After scrubbing the bench and stripping a good amount of the dead surface off – we proceeded to basically soak the wood with oil. The center photo was after a single application. After about 4 generous applications and 2 cans of oil – the wood was brought back to a rich, glossy, natural finish.

Interestingly enough, the same can be done for skin. Properly cleansing the skin and removing any dead skin on the surface (I like Renee Rouleau Triple Berry Smoothing Peel) before applying a facial oil – or any skin care treatment – can restore even the dullest complexion.



Problem: Boring.

This bookcase originally cost about $40 and was brown faux wood press board. At one point, it became water damaged when the washer over flowed – and restored with a coat of white paint and added molding. You can’t really see it in the photo – but the paint was scratched, the press board is starting to deteriorate at the bottom and its, well, boring.

Since we were involuntarily renovating the bedrooms (ironically due to water damage), we painted the walls bright white with 2 sunny yellow accent walls (not shown). The bookcase looked terrible against the fresh white walls – so an overhaul was in order. I painted it the same white as the walls and used a fresh green and aqua (the girl’s favorite colors) on the inside of the case. I used the same green and aqua to refinish the step stool and rubbish can too. The wooden boxes inside the case were made by my grandfather and brings a little earthy tone to the room – which works well with the tree theme.

It was a very subtle change – but the room looks fresh and “happy”. The extra effort and attention to detail didn’t cost much, but really made a big difference.

2 thoughts on “The Magic of Transformation | Cosmetic Monster

  1. what facial oil do you use? I have oily skin and now that I’m 52 my skin is dull, aged looking

    with much Mahalo

    1. I’ve tried many and I really like the Ole Henriksen Pure Truth™ Vitamin C Youth Activating Oil. It has a rose hip seed oil base and when I use it regularly there is a huge difference in my skin. The Leaky Collection Marula and Drunk Elephant Marula are good choices as well. But the Ole Henriksen is by far my favorite!

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