BOBBI BROWN Nude Lip Colors | How to Pick the Perfect Nude Lipstick

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BOBBI BROWN NUDE LIPSTICKBobbi Brown Nude Lip Colors | How to Pick the Perfect Nude Lipstick

PRODUCT RATING: ★★★★★★★★☆ (9/10)
PRICE DETAILS: $25 per tube $$$

♥Whenever I see a woman who can pull off a Bordeaux lip with ease – I admit to a bit of envy. Simultaneously glamorous and confident, bringing such immediate attention to an area where in my world you are more likely to find a bacon cheeseburger than red lipstick – is not something remotely considered. Nude lips – not pale, zombie lips like I did in my 20’s – but fresh, pink (but not too pink) nude lips is what I seek. Like a child’s. There are about 50 tubes of evidence confirming this statement in my drawer as we speak.

← Bobbi Brown Lip Color in 18 Nude. This well balanced nude pink looks natural and lovely on all skin tones.

BABY LIPSTherefore, Bobbi Brown lipsticks clearly dominate my collection. While her name alone implies nude tones – most Bobbi Brown lip colors are know to have a universal brown base which make even stronger colors easy to wear.

The Objective: Baby Lips →

Bobbi Brown now has 6 formulations including the original Lip Color, Shimmer Finish, Sheer, Rich, Creamy and Creamy Matte. Regardless of your preferred finish – lips always look smooth and natural.

In This Story:

♥ My Six Favorite Bobbi Brown Lip Colors
♥ How to Pick the Right YLBB (Your Lips But Better) Nude Lip Color
♥ Quick Color Guide
♥ Nude Lips Application Tips

Bobbi Brown Nude Lip Color Reviews

(Top L-R): Bobbi Brown [Rich] Bare Pink, Sandwash Pink, [Rich] Soft Nude, Brownie Pink, Soft Rose,  Nude. (Middle L-R): Same order, Artificial Light. (Bottom L-R): Same order, Natural Light.

HOW TO PICK THE RIGHT YLBB (Your Lips But Butter) NUDE LIP COLOR: Think it looks pretty on you? Done! It really is that simple. If you’re not happy with what you have, here’s a few easy guidelines:

Consider your natural lip color. The lipstick you choose should always be the same or a shade darker than your natural lip color. Picking one that’s too light will look painted on or ashy – too dark will look unnatural.

How to find the right nude lipstick
(L-R): Make Up Forever Rouge Artist Intense #23 (satin beige) is a great beige/pale lip – but does not look natural by any means. Bobbi Brown Lip Color in Nude has substantially more color and brightens my sallow skin tone without looking “made up”.

•Test lip colors on the inside of your wrist – not the top of your hand. You’ll be better able to see the undertone of the lipstick. Hold your arm up to your face. Avoid colors that are too gray or purple. Look for a peach or pink undertone with a definite beige/brown base. Just please don’t put testers on your lips. If you don’t love it – note what you want (darker, less pink, etc.) and exchange it.


BOBBI BROWN RICH LIP COLOR SPF12 SOFT NUDE - SWATCHPale Skin – Bobbi Brown Bare Pink is a light beige with pink undertones and will look nude on lighter skin tones. Since the Rich formula has a more translucent base but high pigment, you’ll get good coverage without looking painted on. Avoid colors that are too yellow-beige.

Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color in Soft Nude

Light to Medium Skin – Whether you’re cool or warm, Sandwash Pink, Soft Nude and Brownie Pink have the right balance of warm/cool tones. If you’re lips look “lost” – go a shade deeper.

Tan Skin – Soft Rose and Nude are deep enough to be visible on tan skin, but still give lips a soft look. If your skin is darker – look for a brown based berry and wear it sheer.

BOBBI BROWN LIP TRIOINSIDE SCOOP: Did you know special exclusive Bobbi Brown products and sets are available at Travel Retail locations? TRAVEL RETAIL locations (like DFS Galleria in Waikiki) are privy to these limited products and can be found in airports and other duty free shops. Distribution often varies by location.

If you’re at the DFS Bobbi counter, check out exclusive sets & palettes (some are available 6m-1yr before any US launch). Its also a great place to find items that are already sold out at the mall.

This season’s Bobbi Brown Lip Color Trio includes: Sandwash Pink, Nude and Soft Rose.


Start off smooth. Keep lips smooth and hydrated by using a simple sugar scrub toward the end of your shower. A soft baby wash cloth will do the trick as well. Just gently buff off any flaky bits and apply a good lip balm. I adore Omorovicza Perfecting Lip Balm ($45), Vayas Honey Ginger Lip Therapy ($3.50) or Bobbi Brown Extra Soothing Balm ($58) – which can also be mixed with lip color to create a sheer cream blush.

•Sheer it out. Most of the colors you consider unwearable can easily be tamed by wearing them sheer. Apply and blot, dilute with clear gloss or simply pat on with your finger tip. The idea is to enhance the tone of your lips and give them definition.

Skip the liner. That doesn’t mean you can run around with a messy lip line. Use a clean lip brush to clean up the edge, shape and blend. Whatever you do – don’t have a dark lip line with pale lip color. It’s a look – just not a natural one.


**The Bobbi Brown products were submitted by Estee Lauder Travel Retail representatives for review consideration. This is not an advertisement for this product. All reviews and information is gathered independently by Cosmetic Monster or from press releases – and no compensation is received based on the outcome or sales generated from this review. Cosmetic Monster pays WordPress to be AD FREE and does not participate in affiliate programs – all links are provided to promote products, but without compensation. Only REFERRAL links for sites like Hautelook or Birchbox yield compensation (usually points or credit).


PRODUCT SHOPPING GUIDE - Where to buy Bobbi Brown Lip Color
Bobbi Brown Products are available at, Bobbi counters and at select travel retail locations.

How to find the right nude lipstick


4 thoughts on “BOBBI BROWN Nude Lip Colors | How to Pick the Perfect Nude Lipstick

  1. This is so helpful! Can’t believe I just read this post. My perfect MLBB from Bobbi Brown is Blondie Pink. Same colour intensity as Sandwash Pink, but less bright pink, more beige. I have light-medium skintone (Beige 3 in most Bobbi Brown foundations), and pale pink lips. Going to check out your other reccommendations for my skintone!

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