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1.1 The Betty Polish | Review

A savory, multi-purpose facial cleanser with a warm, rich aroma of vanilla almond.


PRICE DETAILS: $65 for 100g (about 3.4 oz.) $$$$

PRESENTATION: Miron Violett Glass – naturally filters out UV rays more effectively than amber glass.

TEXTURE & SCENT: A bit more aggressive – 1.1 The Betty Polish has a grittier, more coarse texture than most scrubs – but when used as directed (to betty thy self – love), isn’t overly harsh. The vanilla almond scent (from vanilla planifolia fruit oil) is divine and warrants scrubbing your whole body with this concoction.

SKIN TYPE: All Skin Types. I suggest sensitive, acne prone and those with rosacea to consider the Betty & Ko 2.7 Anderson Grains instead.

KEY FEATURES: Raw organic sugar and oatmeal in a Sweet Almond and Grapeseed Oil base removes face makeup and dull skin.

QUICK REVIEW: There is something mighty addictive about this scrub! It smells like oatmeal cookies, has a nourishing oil base (if you’re opposed to oils – it takes getting used to…but I LOVE IT) and buffs away tired, sad skin in a heartbeat.


THE REVIEW Betty & Ko hit my radar when I was browsing BIRCHBOX for something new and exciting. What attracted me to Betty & Ko was the decidedly non-granola approach to natural skin care, aptly dubbed “holistic couture”. The sleek Miron minimalist violet glass packaging contains specifically curated ingredients (the list is short and effective) meant to provide effective results without any harmful chemicals.

KRISTIE BETTY - FOUNDER OF BETTY & KOBetty & Ko founder, Kristie Betty, is a remarkable woman with a very personal connection to her concept [READ HER STORY HERE]. Those who suffer from hypothyroidism or other chronic health challenges will find the story particularly beneficial – although those in “perfect health” can still benefit from her journey and knowledge. Personally, I suffer from mild fibromyalgia which I manage effectively with diet and exercise – so I can definitely understand and appreciate her approach.

BETTY & KO 1.1 THE BETTY POLISHBetty & Ko 1.1 The Betty Polish ($65 for 100g.) is a course sugar scrub with a Sweet Almond and Grapeseed  Oil base. It has a distinct and pleasant vanilla scent – which I personally find glorious, although those who aren’t as fond of gourmand scents may find it a bit misplaced. The first time I used 1.1 The Betty Polish, the texture reminded me of Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish – and since its meant for the face, I proceeded with caution.

When I first applied Betty Polish, it felt sharp. The scrub has a raw sugar texture – which naturally has edges. I love a good scrub – but when it comes to facial skin, gentle is a rule of thumb. But I was determined to make it work! The secret is to use a tiny amount – add a little warm water to your hands and break down the grit until it has the right amount of scrub for you. When applying, use very gentle motions and very light pressure. To remove, I rinse away any grains with warm water – then follow with a warm, damp baby washcloth to remove any makeup and oil. Using 1.1 The Betty Polish once a week (I also use other scrubs and peels – if you don’t, 2-3x per week is okay) gives my skin a physical boost that leaves behind a glowing, fresh complexion. The warm vanilla scent actually cheers me up as well.


FYI – I wouldn’t recommend this (or any manual scrub) for acne prone or those with an active breakout, rosacea or sensitive skin. Scrubs may aggravate these skin conditions. I would recommend the Betty & Ko 2.7 Anderson Grains instead – the customizable powdered formula contains oatmeal and clay which help to soothe and cleanse more particular skin.

Many of you will balk at the price of Betty&Ko 1.1 The Betty Polish. $65 is a pretty penny to spend on a handmade product, regardless of how wonderful it is. Even higher end exfoliators rarely break the $50 price barrier. Betty & Ko products are prepared in artisan batches and use high quality ingredients – like organic vanilla planifolia (think Chanel Sublimage). The glass that encases Betty & Ko concoctions are Miron Violet Glass – which naturally filters out UV rays. The jars are so lovely – when the product is gone, you’ll want to keep them for something else. Essentially what you are paying for is a thoughtful product made with the highest quality ingredients – and presented in the most progressive packaging available.

Based purely on the merits of Betty & Ko 1.1 The Betty Polish, I genuinely enjoy using it when I have the chance. I wish the grains were a bit softer so I could use it more often – because the intoxicating vanilla scent makes me smile uncontrollably when I do. That’s priceless.


BETTY & KO 1.1 BETTY POLISH INGREDIENTS: Saccharum Officinarum (sugar cane) Extract*, Avena Sativa (oat) Kernel Meal, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (sweet almond) Oil, Vitis Vinifera (grape seed) Oil, Glycerin, Vanilla Planifolia Fruit Oil*. *Certified Organic Ingredient
TO BETTY THY SELF: For a glowing complexion, lightly wet face with warm water. With just a small pinch of polish, use fingertips to gently buff in small circles all over face to exfoliate, nourish, and pamper! Rinse with warm water. Pat dry. For amplified results, follow up with our 5.5 Elizabeth Elixir. Suitable for all skin types. 100g.
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Betty & Ko Products are available at, Birchbox & Plum Alley.



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