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Purium 10 Day Transformation Cleanse Review

Purium 10-Day Transformation Cleanse

My Purium Transformation Cleanse Part Two: My 10 Day Diary

Purium 10-Day Transformation Cleanse

**Disclaimer: I am NOT a Purium distributor and will NOT get any compensation for purchases made from this review. There are no affiliate links in this post. Any links will take you directly to the Purium website. The code provided is from the person who sold me the system. This is an unbiased review. Now let’s get to it.

David Sandoval’s 10-Day Celebrity Transformation Cleanse is a 10 day (obviously) system that resets your metabolism, breaks your addition to sugar & junk food, detoxes your body, cleanses your digestive tract and in the process, you’ll lose 5-20 pounds. [READ Part One: The System]

Part Two : 10-Day Diary of this review will give you a day to day account of my experience and results. No holds barred. You’ll find out what I really experienced and if I thought it was worth it.



Let’s start with general beginning stats. I can’t believe I’m making this public! LOL!  I am a 41 year old Asian woman with 2 kids (ages 11 and 4). Do you care about my waist and hip measurements? No? I’ll post them at the end with the results. Here’s what you all want to know:

Start Weight: 141.6 lbs. (BMI 25.9)

Purium Before 03-20-2014This is the heaviest I’ve ever been in my life without being pregnant or post-pregnancy. Keep in mind that I’m only 5’2″ tall (I swear I feel taller!). I have a medium build and normally average about 130. I did just get back from vacation a week ago and have PMS – LOL.

My new job is a mostly “at desk” situation with cupcakes and snacks galore. Sugar is my nemesis. Big time. While I also love to eat healthy (even vegan) when its available, I will also eat a Monster Taco without thinking twice. I’ve been running since January and haven’t seen any positive body changes (I feel better though) – in fact I’ve gained 10 pounds since September. I’m hoping the weight loss makes running easier and less stressful on my body.

The funny thing is I know how to be healthy. I know how to eat right and what not to eat. But life happens. Its not just about me at meal time – and since I work full time, sometimes I’m just not up for the challenge of cooking a healthy meal. While we could eat better – we actually eat better than most.

BEFORE (03/20/2014) – I’m primarily hoping the belly and facial bloating around my neck goes away. I’ve been fighting this since I had my second child…4 years ago. Otherwise, I’m okay with everything else.

GOALS: I’m shooting for 120 – 125 (which will probably take longer than the 10 days to be permanent) – I want to be at a realistic, healthy and manageable weight. I don’t want to be skinny, but I don’t want to be plump either.  I should mention that I also suffer from moderate fibromyalgia. While there is no “cure” I try to manage my symptoms (it feels like you have the flu at varying degrees – without the runny nose) with diet and exercise. In general, sugar (like candy – not apples) is bad for your entire body and health in general. My thinking is if I can curb the sugar cravings – it won’t be an uphill battle going forward.


03/27/2014 | Start Weight: 141.6 lbs. | BMI 25.9 (Overweight)

The directions say not to binge eat a few days prior – but I wanted to get started so I ate a small, healthy dinner and got to it. Waking up (6 am) in the morning to a huge glass of water and 5 pills is not fun. I had just gotten into eating a regular breakfast (normally just a smoothie or omelet) so my stomach was already growling. Blended my Power Shake with ice and water and took it to work (I start at 8am). My co-worker ate his bagel with peanut butter and banana in front of me. Lovely.

A lot of people say day 2 and 3 are the hardest – but day 1 was a b*tch. I think I was mentally anticipating being hungry – and I was. Even with 1/2 cucumber and 1/2 apple at 10am (w/ Master Aminos) I was hungry. But I kept envisioning my “before” pictures and stayed motivated.

POWER SHAKE APPLE-BERRY HIGHLIGHT: I normally don’t like berry flavored anything – so in retrospect, I should have got the original (it also has less “sugar”). In my opinion, it taste a bit like strawberry flavored Quik with grass in it. I’m a minority here as most people like the taste.

Be prepared to use the bathroom a lot. I’m not kidding, but I had to pee every hour – sometimes more (sorry). I did not have any other (ahem) uncomfortable movements, which was a fear for me. Also, no gas or uncomfortable bloating.

PURIUM POWER SHAKE 2My family ate pizza for dinner – which was really difficult (I love pizza), so I spent dinnertime in my room watching Castle and drinking my shake.

← Power Shake with ice & water. Your friend for the next 10 days.

The Daily Fiber Blend tastes like water with sand in it. LOL. Lovely. Good luck with this – just shake, guzzle and call it a day. It’s probably good to add to a smoothie though.

The Apothe-Cherry is a nice way to end the day. Once mixed with water, it taste like unsweetened cranberry juice – a bit tart but not unbearably so. I don’t have problems falling asleep anymore, so I’m not sure the melatonin helps me there – but the anti-oxidants are great to have in my system during reparative sleep.

Overall, day one was not fun. I was very hungry, even with the Flex Foods and wondered if it was worth the torture of not eating.


03/28/2014 | Weight: 137.3 (-4.3 lbs.) | BMI 25.11 (Overweight)

I know its all water weight that was flushed out – but I’ll take it! Day 2 was a little easier because I knew what to expect. I mixed my morning and lunch shake with unsweetened almond milk (1/2 banana with lunch) which seemed to give it more lasting power and ease the growling stomach. I had about 3.5 Flex Foods today – but didn’t “cheat”.

Had a challenging day at work – but kept my cool. Thought I would be more edgy since I’m not really eating, but managed to keep it together. I do have a major headache – which is probably sugar withdrawals.

We went on our normally family outing and it was hard watching them eat Pho and ice cream (no support there – but its okay). I had retail therapy and got new Sanuk sandals and Roots Rose Radish products.


03/29/2014 | Weight: 136.9 (-4.7 lbs.) | BMI 25.04 (Overweight)

Supposedly day four is easier. I hope so, because not eating food and still having to cook for my family is making me grouchy! I made my husband cook the mac & cheese and maybe grill some chicken for dinner. Still – I’ve lost almost 5 pounds and the headache is much better today.

I mixed my lunch smoothie with 1/2 c unsweetened almond milk and 1/2 banana – I’m not sure if you’re supposed to do that, but I can’t imagine it will hurt. I’ll just count that as a Flex Food and move on. Tomorrow I’ll be down to 2 Flex Foods and shakes with only water.


03/30/2014 | Weight: 136.3 (-5.3 lbs.) | BMI 24.93 (Normal Weight)

BLISS FAT GIRL SIX PACK $38It’s dawned on me that my relationship with food is more psychological than physiological. I am definitely not one who eats to live. Food isn’t a crutch for me – I am definitely not an emotional eater (I normally don’t eat when I’m stressed or upset) – but the idea of not being able to eat a meal with my family or have popcorn at the movies is maddening.

Bliss Fat Girl Sixpack ($38) sephora.com – helps tone and give a firmer look.

The prospect of being thin isn’t enough motivation for me. Don’t get me wrong – I certainly don’t want to eat myself into oblivion, but it is possible to have a healthy, reasonable relationship with food. All foods. Even chili cheese fries.

Still, a thinner body looks better in clothes and not having to worry about covering a pooch – even better. But the reality is I had two big babies after age 30 (technically 29 & 37) so there will be no ripped bikini ready “after” photo. Ever. What there will be is a healthier me, still wearing baggy sweat pants and comfy tanks.

HOW I FEEL: Everyone said Day 4 is better. The headache is gone, but I’m still tired – no burst of energy here. I pretty much feel the same. I’m also still hungry and haven’t felt “full” even with Flex Foods. I guess it doesn’t help that my family still eats around me. Today was tomato bisque, sandwiches and chips. Seriously. All I can say is this better be worth it. I would kill for a sandwich right now.


03/31/2014 | Weight: 134.8 (-6.8 lbs.) | BMI 24.65 (Normal Weight)

Day 5 was when it got easy for me. The hunger pangs and headaches were gone. If your body gets to this point faster the easier it will be. What keeps you motivated is the weight coming off.

The routine is also 2nd nature now. Since there’s little prep, its super easy to just throw what I need in a (big) lunch bag and bring it with me.

It might be easier to get your family on board too. My husband is in charge of cooking for instance. A good cook always tastes their food (period) – so I’m just taking that out of the equation. Being around food isn’t an issue anymore but for 10 days I’m using the time I spent eating in other ways. I’ll be back at the family dinner table in 5 days.

HOW I FEEL: More energy. My anxiety has been kicking in a bit and I’ve been going to bed later. Tonight we’ll aim for an earlier bedtime and see if that helps.


04/01/2014 | Weight 134.5 (-7.1 lbs.) | BMI 24.6 (Normal Weight)

Really? That’s it? Had a particularly stressful day – but didn’t cheat. I know other people say they have tons of energy – but I’m not one of those people. In fact, since being on the cleanse my “inner clock” is a little thrown off. I go to sleep later, wake up a lot to use the bathroom and almost feel the need to take a nap. Still – I’m sticking to it.


04/02/2014 | Weight 134 (-7.6 lbs.) | BMI 24.51 (Normal Weight)

I was so busy at work today that it threw off my “eating” schedule. Still – no cheating. I have to say I’ve been rewarding myself by buying things (mostly skin care) since I can’t eat. So I’m doing a spending cleanse too – no buying cosmetics till May. I suppose I traded one habit for another.

I’m down more than 7 pounds – which is amazing. I’m assuming the weight loss slowed down now that the excess water is gone. If I could get rid of that last 4 pounds, I’ll be very happy. I’m not sure about how this cleanse is making me feel though. I definitely don’t want to eat sugar – but I wonder if its because I just want to eat food! I don’t feel any more energized or clear headed. I know they want you to do it during a less stressful time of your life, but I think I manage my stress pretty well and truth be known – I’m glad I’ve been mad busy during my cleanse because I typically eat less when I’m busy.

Also been contemplating what I’m going to do once this is over.

DAY EIGHT – It’s all about chili cheese fries.

04/03/2014 | Weight 132.6 (-9 lbs.) | BMI 24.25 (Normal Weight)

chili cheese friesOkay! Excess weight is gone and I’m back down to my normal weight. In the past, its been hard for me to get past this point, even with (moderate) diet and exercise. What I’m thinking now is – when will I be happy? Or rather, what will make me happy? I don’t want to be model skinny and I’ll never be willing to give up an occasional chili cheese fries (shared with someone of course).

If I were to stop the cleanse right now and stay at this weight forever, I would be okay with it. The lightest I’ve been in the last 5 years was 127 – which took a lot of effort. Since my family hasn’t (and doesn’t really need to) change their habits, will I be able to maintain my focus and still enjoy food? I think YES! I’m not willing to sacrifice my health or my love for food (all food – even chili cheese fries) because I want to be thin OR for over indulgence. Like anything else, obsessing over what I eat, how much I exercise, how many points I ate today or if the extra dressing is going to make me fat – is equally as unhealthy as eating chili cheese fries everyday.

Chili Cheese Fries are not the enemy. They are cheesy and delicious. Eating a few pieces isn’t going to make you fat. Eating a super sized tray and washing it down with a soda and ice cream might. Exercised and conscious moderation when it comes to diet and exercise is my goal. I plan on having green shakes for breakfast, whatever I want for lunch (moderation) and a light dinner. I’ll keep snacks primarily healthy and no more eating blindly while I work. I’ll eat junk food – when I REALLY want it, not out of laziness. I’ll change up my exercise to interval training vs. straight jogging and add more Pilates.

Some say they breezed through the 10 days. Well bravo to their attitude – but I think I represent a bigger portion of our society when I say “THIS IS TORTURE!”. So I’m not going back to eating whatever I want, whenever I want because I do have enough self-concept to know when I’ve let myself go. That’s all for today.

[No chili cheese fries were harmed or consumed during this review.]

DAY NINE – FINAL DAY (Cutting short 1 day)

04/04/2014 | Weight: 133.4 (-8.2 lbs.) | BMI: 24.4

I decided to cut the 10 days short since I have a big event and 10 hour day tomorrow. I hoped I would be bursting with energy like some other Purium users had reported – but unfortunately, I was not one of those people. While we were setting up today, I felt very light headed and truth be known, I’m so tired of drinking the Power Shake, the smell is starting to make me gag.

I went through the entire day – except for eating a light dinner. Gaining almost a pound today was a bummer too – if you’re going to suffer through a cleanse, you want to see the numbers. I would suggest NOT weighing yourself daily. Its mentally not healthy.

DAY TEN –  The Day After

04/05/2014 | Weight 132.9

Could I have finished the 10 Days? Absolutely. Did I want to – out of principle, yes. But you need to listen to your body and there was no way I could have worked how I did today without any substance. Be sure to check out my BEFORE AND AFTER.




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