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Summer 2014 Makeup Trends Translated

Summer 2014 Makeup Trends Translated

TRENDS - Orange Lip Color and Winged Liner

TRENDS - Lavender Eye ShadowThe trends this Summer (2014) are a bit avant-garde: white liner (no), bushy brows (not doing it) or boring (bronzer? Really?)  Then you have lavender eye shadow, orange lipstick and winged liner look great in magazine editorials and on the runway – but not so much in real life [SEE THEM HERE – According to Cosmo anyway].

Here I’ve taken the look and made them more wearable for the less-adventurous and/or age (or work) appropriate. What that means is totally up to you!

Translating them was easy enough:

BRIGHT ORANGE LIPS – I don’t know too many people that this looks good on. Choose a peachy coral (I’m wearing Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color in SWEET NECTAR and Bobbi Brown Lip Gloss in ROSY). Apply color carefully with a lip brush (use a clear lip liner if you tend to bleed) and top with gloss. Blot. All done. Wear with neutral shades on the eyes, bronzer and a touch of clear pink blush.

WINGED/GRAPHIC EYE LINER – I love this as an editorial look. Its dramatic, daring and super sexy. Personally, I can’t pull it off since my eyes are wider set – it makes me look like an alien. However, when done in a lighter brown shimmer with a subtle wing the look is flattering and office ready.

LAVENDER EYE SHADOW – So pretty and soft – but can wash out tired eyes. I chose a blue based pale lavender layered over a sheer shimmery lilac base. Sometimes pale matte shadows can make eyes look dry – and overly glittery/frosty shadows look disco-dated. Used with a blue based gray liner (I used Bobbi Brown Steel Ink) and lots of black mascara keeps the eyes defined without competing with the shadow.

Summer 2014 Makeup Trends


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