Cosmetic Monster | Natto Ice Cream Sundae


Natto Ice Cream Sundae

Natto Ice Cream Sundae#JENN20 Update: I hate making excuses, but there was no time to really focus. Again, I haven’t gained anything – but really bummed I haven’t made more of an effort. November seems to have a few more open time slots and my first free vacation in a year – so we’ll get this done!!

I realize that the ice cream part of this photo isn’t “healthy” – but the NATTO part is. Half of you are probably wondering what natto is and majority of you who know what it is are saying “Ewww!”. Yes, slimy fermented soybeans normally has the opposite effect than – let’s say – BACON. Still, natto is one of the sleeper health foods – rich in probiotics, a good source of protein and low in calories. It also has both types of Vitamin K (K1 & K2) and studies suggest it could provide treatment for Alzheimer’s!

Personally, I love natto and can eat it out of the box with or without rice. While I’ll agree that it sometimes has a funky smell, I love the taste. So I’ll be including lots of natto in my “diet” going forward. Without the ice cream – of course.

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Natto Ice Cream Sundae

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