Cosmetic Monster Then (1990) and Now (2014)


Cosmetic Monster Then (1990) and Now (2014)


I was fortunate enough to grow up in the era of jelly shoes, piles of plastic bracelets, giant neon earrings, Breakin’ & Mannequin, Metal, Wham and leggings. While there were several huge fashion disasters (my hair included) – it was a time when there was no such thing as too much.

Graduating in 1990 (and the start of Heroin Chic and Nirvana) I ditched the neon green crop tops for my boyfriend’s flannel shirts. There were brief stints of girlishness (Cherry Blossom Pageant in mid-90’s), bad plaid dresses and t-shirts with cartoon characters. After discovering surfing toward the end of the 90’s – it was pretty much black tank tops from there.

24 years later, I still have chubby cheeks, a crooked smile and incredibly unruly hair that is remarkably flat iron resistant. While I often get the gratuitous “You don’t look 40” thanks to boat loads of eye cream and an obsession with sneakers – the realization has become clear that aging isn’t what ages you. While I have passed my prime (and right to have firm abs without starving myself) looking forward is no longer something to dread. With two kids (who can simultaneously make me laugh and scream), a great husband, an enjoyable job & amazing co-workers and my health – I welcome everything that each day brings. Wrinkles and all.

Smashbox Double Exposure PaletteHappy Birthday to Me! I picked up this Smashbox Double Exposure Palette ($52, Sephora VIB Rouge Exclusive Early Launch) during the 20% off sale. I’ll definitely do a review as soon as it hits my doorstep.

For the first time in years, I’m also not going to our usual karaoke bar to celebrate. I’m opting to have a nice dinner with my husband (sans kids) and celebrate with the family another night since the 5 year old loves to sing “Happy Birthday”. Life is good.


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