SILK THERAPEUTICS Silk Renewing Peel Review

Silk TherapeuticsSILK THERAPEUTICS Silk Renewing Peel

Silk Therapeutics Silk Renewing Peel Review1.0 oz. $70 / 1.7 oz. $105 | hard plastic jar
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Product Rating: ★★★★★★★★★☆ (9/10)

Completely transforms skin by gently yet effectively exfoliating the outermost layer to reveal a brighter, more vibrant complexion. The naturally powerful formula is easy enough to use at home and will leave your skin with that coveted “just back from the spa” glow and healthy-to-the-touch feel.

Experience/Skin Type: Has unique sorbet-like texture that quickly “melts” into a liquid. Light citrus scent. Most skin types except for ultra-sensitive (they make ultra-sensitive versions of most of their products too).

Key Ingredients: Only contains: Water, Silk, Glycolic Acid, Lactic Acid, Lemongrass Essential Oil. Silk protein delivers glycolic and lactic acid to promote cellular turnover and skin cell regeneration for tighter, brighter, and smoother skin.

Quick Review: SILK THERAPEUTICS Silk Renewing Peel offers a gentle and surprisingly effective alternative to harsh peels – but leaves skin remarkably smooth and soft.

Silk Therapeutics Review

The easiest way to perfect any skin type is by using proper exfoliation on a regular basis without over doing it. Since every skin type is different, finding the right balance takes a bit of trial and error.

Essentially, there are 2 types of exfoliators: Mechanical and Chemical. Here’s an interesting article that explains the difference: METHODS OF EXFOLIATION by Dr. Diana Howard of The International Dermal Institute. But to put it simply – mechanical exfoliators scrub it off and chemical exfoliators eat it off. Eww. LOL.

If you’ve never used a chemical exfoliator before, the Silk Therapeutics Silk Renewing Peel is an excellent gateway formulation. The ingredients are simple, the application a breeze and the results equal (if not superior) to other more harsh peels I’ve tried. You should expect a little tingle – it does utilize glycolic and lactic acids to do the job.

Silk Therapeutics Silk Renewing Peel ReviewTIP: If you lean toward sensitive skin or it’s your first time using a chemical based peel – don’t use it on freshly washed skin. I use it first thing in the morning before washing my face and find this keeps my skin from reacting. You can also simply wait an hour after cleansing for skin to “settle” before using the peel.

COSMETIC-MONSTER-HEAD-SMALLMONSTER BITE: My skin care objectives are always GLOWING SKIN. Youthful, fresh, healthy skin glows from within and a layer of tired, flaky skin can ruin even the best of complexions. After using the Silk Therapeutics Silk Renewing Peel just once – my skin looked and felt smoother without irritation or redness that sometimes occurs when I use peels. So I daringly used it 2x that week and noticed that my makeup wore longer, looked better and my skin also didn’t get as oily. I ventured further to try it on my daughter’s 12 year old acne-prone skin and while it isn’t made to improve acne – the overall look of her skin dramatically improved (I wish I took before and after photos).

Whether the inclusion of silk has anything to do with the effectiveness of Silk Therapeutic products is debatable (but think how marvelous silk feels – do we really need convincing?) but thus far the Silk Renewing Peel and Silk Eye Revive (review to come – game changer) have impressed me. If the other products in the range have a similar feel and effect on the skin – this is definitely a brand to welcome onto the cosmetic scene.

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Silk Therapeutics Review

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