FIG + YARROW Cleansing Nectar & Facial Scrub Review

fig and yarrow facial scrub review fig and yarrow cleansing nectar review

CLEANSING NECTAR $30 for 4oz. | glass bottle
FACIAL SCRUB $22 for 2.8oz. | glass jar
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FIG + YARROW CLEANSING NECTAR is a botanically-rich and nutrient-dense washless cleanser/toner ideal for gentle exfoliation, drawing of impurities and optimal pH maintenance for overall skin health and appearance. Key Ingredients: lavender hydrosol, salt of the dead sea, manuka honey, aloe, willow bark, calendula, green tea, lactobacilli ferment and blend of essential oils. ★★★★★★★★☆ (8/10)

FIG + YARROW FACIAL SCRUB is a concentrated facial exfoliant with oats, herbs, minerals, honey and floral essences. This wholesome scrub nourishes, soothes and softens as it exfoliates dead and dull skin cells for a softer, more radiant complexion. Key Ingredients: ground oat flour, fuller’s earth clay, honey and blend of essential oils. ★★★★★★★★★☆ (9/10)

Experience/Skin Type: The Nectar has a liquid, non-foaming consistency (think toner vs. face wash) while the Scrub has a hearty but fine texture. Both have pleasing herbal scents (sans fragrance). Can be used by all skin types – though I wouldn’t recommend it for active acne prone skin or those allergic to essential oils.

Quick Review: While I often pooh-pooh “natural” products for having week results or an exorbitant price tag, FIG + YARROW’s cleansing routine is a lovely AM alternative to my usual soap and water.

fig and yarrow product review

FIG + YARROW was a serendipitous discovery – it happened to be featured as a “luckybreak” (50% off!!) and since I am a SUCKER for brands with an apothecary feel, it seemed foolish to pass up such an offer.

The name “Cleansing Nectar” is honestly what grabbed me, in my mind, it was sure to be an extraction of something divine. Essentially, FIG + YARROW’s cleansing option is a super-charged cleansing toner – possessing the ability to refresh and replenish the skin, but certainly lacking in makeup removal skills (which it doesn’t claim to possess, BTW). That misconception put aside, it is GENIUS as a morning cleanser. Swipe it on (I use small gauze pads) and rinse off.

fig and yarrow cleansing nectar facial scrub review
FIG+YARROW Cleansing Nectar & Facial Scrub – the stars of the brand’s facial protocol. Products available at
TIP: Turn morning cleansing into a mini facial using the Simone France layering method. I apply the Cleansing Nectar, followed by a light application of the Facial Scrub (which smells amazing). Dampen a bit more with water and then apply your favorite foaming cleanser (I use either Drunk Elephant Juju Bar or Tammy Fender Purifying Cleansing Gel (which is a little minty and wakes you up). Remove with a damp gauze pad and rinse. Baby soft skin in 2 minutes.

FIG + YARROW’s Facial Scrub is a basic naturally based mechanical exfoliator that has just enough grit to satisfy but doesn’t leave skin with treatment remorse. There is a slight film left on the skin once it’s rinsed off – so those who prefer a cleaner feel can use a foaming cleanser afterward (see above).

Natural ingredients, pleasant textures & scents plus luxury product results – FIG + YARROW has been one of the best natural skin care discoveries I’ve encountered. Plus the products look so pretty in my medicine cabinet.

*Full product ingredients and more information can be found at

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