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Tatcha Skin Care

Tatcha Sunscreen

$68 for 2oz. $$$ | plastic tube
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TATCHA SILKEN PORE PERFECTING SUNSCREEN (SPF 35)  Inspired by the geisha’s iconic makeup, we created this invisible, lightweight sunscreen to perfect and protect skin, making it an elegant, everyday essential. (source: tatcha.com) ★★★★★★★★☆ (9/10)

Experience/Skin Type: All skin-types. Non-comedogenic. Does not contain mineral oil, aminobenzoic acid, homosalate, oxybenzone or octinoxate. Has a lightweight texture that starts creamy and virtually disappears into the skin, leaving a semi-matte texture. Lightly scented.

Quick Review: It’s recommended that sunscreen is used on a daily basis, as the last step of your AM skin care routine. Tatcha Silken Pore Perfecting Sunscreen SPF 35 has a virtually weightless texture that also has a soft focus effect.

Tatcha Product Reviews

TATCHA’s products continue to amaze me. Gloriously effective on standard skin issues and remarkably simple, SILKEN Pore Perfecting Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 35 (courtesy of an impressive Zinc Oxide 15%, Octisalate 5%) is the answer to those who want sun protection without the feel of a lotion.

tatcha silken pore perfecting sunscreen review
Starts as a rich creamy lotion and melts into skin. Poof.

Any time anyone has inquired about skin care basics, I have 2 simple answers. Wash you face at night and wear sunscreen daily. Religiously. While my normal routine is not quite as stark (I use at least 6 products from start to finish every night – not including weekend DIY facials) – I will confess that I do NOT wear sunscreen everyday. Why? Read on.

At 43, my skin is still remarkably oily, almost equal to my teenaged complexion, but with dry patches. While I’ve developed a thicker skin (proverbially) with the years, aging has increased my sensitivity to – of all things – sunscreen. I can count on one hand the number of sunscreens that don’t turn my face into a greasy, angry, rashy mess. What is a Cosmetic Monster to do? Avoid sunscreen. #thestruggleisreal

My current job requires me to be in the sun with ridiculous frequency. Yes, live in Hawaii, and no, I actually don’t enjoy being in the sun unless it includes the beach – but I digress. At this point, finding a sunscreen that I could wear daily, without worry of breaking out, that would play nicely with my makeup seemed a dire necessity.

Tatcha SILKEN is creamy enough to wear sans moisturizer, but feels weightless if you don’t want to feel encumbered by extra layers of products. While it didn’t “perfect” my large pores (minus a star, only because the benefit is on the label), it has a lovely demi-matte finish that makes it wonderful with or without additional face makeup. The biggest plus – zero rash. Only the $68 price tag gives me a tiny bit of pause. Since I received this from Tatcha to review – the question really is, would I SPEND $68 on this 2oz. blue tube? You betcha. Tatcha products (all – conclusively) are worth the splurge. The brand has even turned my previously hardcore drugstore Mom into a believer.

Skin Care ReviewsMONSTER TIP: If you’re going to get frugal – do it with your color makeup or products that wash off (cleanser, makeup remover, etc.). Splurge on treatment products like serums and moisturizer (be smart and do your research on ingredients).

Strong enough to protect skin at a midday soccer game and luxurious enough to use as a multi-purpose sunscreen/primer, TATCHA SILKEN PORE PERFECTING SUNSCREEN (SPF 35) is a wonderful skin care splurge and has allowed me to practice what I preach and wear sunscreen everyday, with pleasure.

*Full product ingredients and more information can be found at tatcha.com

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Tatcha Silken Sunscreen Review

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