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too faced sweet peach palette

$49 for 18 shades $$ | tin palette
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Every once in awhile, the industry spits out a product that defies logic and essentially “breaks the internet” and in some cases – breaks the buyer. I’ll admit that when I first saw the TOO FACED SWEET PEACH PALETTE, I wasn’t particularly impressed. Bypassing their chocolate scented shadow palettes wasn’t hard and honestly haven’t owned a palette from them since the SUMMER EYES PALETTE.

Then this bitch reared its hypebeast head and had thousands lurking on the internet hoping to capture one. Me included.

Now, my quest has become purely one of sheer curiosity. WTF is so special about a palette that smells like peaches? Do I want my eye shadow to smell like peaches? Will it be one of those palettes that look awesome on the internet, only to disappoint in person?

DO I NEED IT? Of course not.

sold outWhat spurred me to write this brief post was the disheartening way that the launch was handled. Of course there was no way to really know that consumers would take the “limited edition” bait – only to be disappointed by SOLD OUT and out of stock notices.

Too Faced launched it on 3/17 – and it quickly sold out with Instagram posts stating that it wouldn’t be restocked. Ulta then launched it – and it quickly sold out with the standard This item is temporarily out of stock – while teasing you with the ADD TO CART button. HSN even had it briefly. So the last bastion of hope for those who could not wait for store launches – was Sephora or eBay, where the palette has sold for a crazy $157. What?

Retailers should be more accommodating to their clients when launches like this happen. To the trolls who wanted to say “it’s not important” or “they don’t have to say when they launch it” – you’re right, but BLAH BLAH BLAH – when someone is ready to drop a bill with Ulysses S. Grant on it, you should make it as painless as possible.

Everybody take a deep breath. Remember the Urban Decay Naked palette? Unless Too Face HATES MONEY they will produce more and candy coat the re-launch with a “since you loved it so much – look how nice we are”. It’s possible they did not expect such an enormous response, but saying they aren’t going to restock would just be one of the most foolish business decisions EVER.

Just FYI – the original Bobbi Brown Color Options Shimmer Brick (now known as Bronze) was limited edition too. Still awesome and still available.

So before you BUY IT NOW out of desperation, be patient. Don’t spend more than you need to on an eye shadow palette. At some point, I’m certain that you will either decide you don’t want it or find it happily in stock at your favorite retailer.

In the meantime – here’s Temptalia’s swatches & review of the palette:


Personally, I’m over it.

cosmetic monster - line a


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