Artistry Signature Color® Eye and Cheek Kit – Pink Chocolate | Unbiased Product Review

Artistry Signature Color® Eye and Cheek Kit - Pink Chocolate

$99.95 for shadow quad, blush, liner & 2 empty compacts (mascara sold separately) $$ | plastic packaging

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★★★★★★★☆☆ (7/10)

Disclaimer: I am NOT an Amway distributor. This review was sponsored by a distributor who’s account link is used throughout this review. As usual, I will not receive compensation or affiliate payments from this review.

ARTISTRY SIGNATURE COLOR® EYE & CHEEK KIT – Pink Chocolate Each kit is specially curated with matching eye shadow quad, eye pencil, and blush to help you create complete looks – effortlessly. Easily go from simple to glam, or natural to intense. Choose your favorite look from five exquisite kits or collect all five.(source:

Quick Review: A decent product line with a price point slightly higher than the brand itself commands. Still, a worthy purchase and well curated kit. The Artistry® Signature Eyes Length & Definition Mascara (which isn’t included in the kit) is worth a try on its own.

Artistry Signature Color Eye and Cheek Kit Pink Chocolate

The beauty of prefabricated kits like the Artistry Signature Color® Eye and Cheek Kit (Amway’s cosmetic brand) is it removes any guess work for those seeking a simple and easy makeup routine. Artistry’s collections are sensible and have colors that all work well together. Each product is also available separately.

Before I get into all the PROS of this kit – there is one sore spot that needs attention.

The main issue that I have with the brand is its packaging (which can make or break a product IMO) and the price – particularly of the Eye Shadow Quad. Sold individually – the quad is $44.50 and the compact (yes, it’s separate for some reason) is $15.50. Making this shadow quad cost more than the hypebeast 12 color Urban Decay Naked Palette which also boasts a full sized double sided brush ($54).

artistry shadow

This alone makes it a tough contender in the makeup world. $60? Perhaps they are trying to set themselves apart from the more affordable Avon brand – but aligning their price point with fashion house Dior (who’s 5-Couleurs palettes go for $62), makes it questionable if the price has less to do with quality and more to do with being able to offer higher commissions.

The concept makes sense – but the price does not.

Artistry Packaging

That said let’s get to the good stuff. The quality of the shadow is good – pigmentation and blendability are reliable with moderate color payoff (possibly better if you use the enclosed applicators).

SHADES: Pale cream shimmer, taupe satin, pale rose pink sheen, plum brown shimmer A sheer wash of the pale rose pink shade over the lid gave the look a pretty pop of color. See swatches below.

The Longwearing Eye Pencil in Brown was smooth and wore very well throughout a regular work day with minimal smudging. Color wasn’t as rich as some other liners – but that made it easy to use without worrying about obvious mistakes.

Artistry Pink Chocolate Eye Shadow Quad

The Signature Color Blush in Sweet Pink (bottom swatch) was delicate and sheer, giving cheeks a clear flush without looking overdone. Same issue with the packaging – I wish companies in general would stop putting that useless little brush with blushes and just make the product take up the whole compact.

Artistry Signature Color Eye and Cheek Kit Pink Chocolate Swatches

Skin Care ReviewsMONSTER TIP: While I can’t wholeheartedly recommend the products as a kit – it would make a lovely gift and is packaged nicely just for that. Otherwise, purchase products separately, focusing on your main concerns and needs.

mascara brush

Of all the products I received, the stand out was the Artistry® Signature Eyes Length & Definition Mascara™. Mascaras are one of my obsessions and this surprised me! It definitely lengthened lashes and defined them with a rich black color while lasting all day. I applied it OVER a waterproof mascara (to hold curl) and really liked the results. At $26.60, it is on the department store level pricing, but worked better than most with comparable price tags – and more refined than drugstore products.


My issues with the price tag aside, the Artistry Signature Color Eye and Cheek Kit in Pink Chocolate is a very pretty collection. The overall concept could use a reboot – but those who purchase it will not be disappointed. The Length & Definition Mascara deserves a closer look and gets the Cosmetic Monster stamp of approval.

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