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Cosmetic Monster is a thoughtful collection of all things lovely, healthy and happy!


Name: Jenn Suzuki            Age: 41

CM-MONSTER-BLOCKCOSMETIC MONSTER? After working in various areas of cosmetics/beauty for almost 15 years, I decided to leave the industry and started a small children’s  illustration business, STARR CANDY. This easily explains the cartoon monster icon. The idea behind Cosmetic Monster has morphed into a “lovely, healthy, happy” place – encompassing all the things I find wonderful in life. Sometimes that means an incredible organic face scrub, a perfected eggplant sandwich recipe or on occasion – a whimsical balloon sculpture.

Cosmetic Monster is something I do (and take very seriously) during my spare time. There is no money being made (in fact, I probably spend more than I should doing “research”) and is really something done from the heart. Think of me as your own personal cosmetic shopper! I welcome inquiries and alternate points of view.


Skin Type: Combination/Sensitive

Skin Issues: Visible pores, sensitivity, redness (mild rosacea) and minor breakouts.

Skin Tone: Medium with very yellow undertones – I tan golden. 

Foundation Matches (Medium): MAC NC35/40,  Bobbi Brown #4.25  Natural Tan, Jane Iredale Golden Glow (I would say this is my “true” skin tone),  Estee Lauder Double Wear Rattan or Tawny, Maybelline Fit Me 230, Laura Mercier Vanilla Beige, Oxygenetix Almond, L’Oreal Buff Beige

Foundation Matches (Tan): L’Oreal Sun Beige, Lancome Teint Miracle Bisque 7 (a bit tan), Luminess Air #5, Hourglass Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation in Beige, Oxygenetix Honey



My professional cosmetic education started with studio makeup techniques and expanded to the following premier artist brands: Bobbi Brown, NARS, Laura Mercier and Shu Uemura. I actually had to do a makeover as part of my job interview for Bobbi Brown! Over the course of my cosmetic career I’ve lead product and artistry trainings, makeup lessons and a variety of cosmetic events.

  • Shu Uemura Product Specialist/Artist (2 years)
  • Laura Mercier Product Specialist/Artist (2 years)
  • NARS Product Specialist/Artist (1 year)
  • Bobbi Brown Product Specialist/Artist (3 years)
  • Bobbi Brown Counter Manager (2 years)
  • Body & Soul Boutique Manager (1 year)
    Worked with brands: NARS, Kiehls, Urban Decay, Hard Candy, Theirry Mugler Angel
  • Body Shop Colourings Specialist (6 months)
  • Studio Makeup Artist (2 years)
  • Freelance Makeup Artist (Weddings & Events)



  • In depth product reviews (or QUICK REVIEWS if you just want it short and sweet), complete ingredient lists* and buying guide.
  • NEW! Storybooks – combination editorial/product reviews with ingredient lists, special features and information.
  • Fun cosmetic related editorials and buying guides, Pro Lessons, simple How-To guides and more!


COSMETIC MONSTER is also an AD FREE ZONE – no affiliate or sponsored ads or links. I pay to keep this blog free of ads – but provide readers with precise and easy to follow links to retailers without receiving any monetary compensation.


Happy Faces!

Jenn Suzuki
Cosmetic Monster, Cosmetic Editor

16 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Jenn, love your blog and the about you page! I was raised in Honolulu too, remember Liberty House lol I just started blogging and look forward to following your blogs! We moved to TN almost two years ago . Mom of three so I know what you are talking about..it is nice when I can get my makeup on lol
    We just started out own Juniors/Womans affordable fashion site. I have a liscense in cosmetoloy and worked for LA Image for some time in Hawaii. Hopefully our business will grow but it has been difficult.
    Ever thought about mentoring??? 🙂 Your doing a awesome job and wanted to make sure to let you know! Diana

  2. Hello!

    Love your blog & getting your updates! These days, I’m looking for good, long lasting manicure suggestions…mainly nail polish or gel. Any chance you could do some research & share?

    Thus far, I’ve tried Gelish and Lechant gel – both were great; long lasting shine and able to stay put for about 2-3 weeks without starting to look grown out. Not sure how “good” they are for my nails (no tips, just right on my natural nail). Thoughts? Comments? Recommendations??

    Looking forward to the next ROAR!

    1. I have yet to try the gel nail craze – but while it may not be a trend I latch onto (I’m not a fan of mani/pedis), the look is very attractive when done right. Like anything else, it will depend on the salon that you go to. I have a friend who went to one where they soaked her (real) nails in acetone. Very damaging. So be sure to do your research like anything else – ask around for suggestions from friends who do the gel!

      If you’re looking for DIY manicure products – I like Salon Sciences Instant Artificials or European Secrets Rock Hard as base coats and European Secrets Rock Top Coat (it works best if you use a UV light to set – but I just sit it the sun for a few minutes which works too). These products have kept my pedicure on for 3 weeks without chips. Normally if I use a non-glitter polish it chips in 1 week. If you’re nails don’t normally “hold” polish, try wiping them with alcohol and slightly buffing them before applying polish.

      Hope that helps!

  3. Hi Jenn,

    I stumbled on your site looking for information on sake toners for my blog and I absolutely love the website! I have heard about some of the pastes that you can apply that they get from the machinery after it has been pressed so I hope I can find that at my local Asian food store.

      1. LOL!! I don’t keep any “instock” but I can do a custom purchase for you. Its $27 (includes $5 for USPS Priority Mail and $2 for tax and fees). No profit for me – just want to give you the opportunity to try this amazing soap. If you’re interested, email me directly at cosmeticmonster@gmail.com and I’ll give you more instructions on how to pay.

  4. Haha, yeah I have already emailed you [:
    I hope you recieved it? lol
    And yeah, please do [: and how should I pay you? Lol.
    I do understand it’s non-profitable and I really appreciate it.
    Thank you.

  5. Oh, I didn’t think it was to remove make-up….at least the lady demonstrating it didn’t say. She told me to wash my face at night so I assumed it was after removing my makeup. Thanks.

    1. I will say that it works wonders when my skin is irritated or very oily. You’re right though, it isn’t made to remove makeup. I’m curious to see how it will work now that I’ve gone back to using a cleansing oil to remove my makeup. Let me know how you like it!

  6. Hi there!
    My Jr. High daughter wants to start dabbling in makeup. I’d like to set up a makeup appointment somewhere, but I’m not sure where. Do you have suggestions of places I could go that would teach her some basics about skin care and make up, and then only apply something basic to her face(and not make her look like she’s already in high school!) thanks!

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