Privacy/Site Policies and Disclosures



Period. ALL links on COSMETICMONSTER.COM are posted by the writer for the convenience of the readers and to promote, without compensation or bias, the products being featured or reviewed. In order to stay focused, Cosmetic Monster has opted to post this blog without any ads or affiliate links and pays WordPress to remove any 3rd party ads as well. Cosmetic Monster and its author do not make a profit, monetary or otherwise, from any link on this site.

Links may direct you to a 3rd party website (,, who are retailers of the featured/reviewed product. Again, no profit is received by site or its owner.

Therefore, Cosmetic Monster is NOT a business or non-profit entity and provided for entertainment purposes ONLY. The author is NOT a licensed medical professional and all reviews, suggestions, comments and posts should be viewed as consumer opinion.


No information will ever be sold or given to a 3rd party without notice and/or consent. For example, information may be given to a vendor for prize fulfillment. Otherwise, all other submissions, including giveaway entries, contest entries, comments and subscriptions will only be used by Cosmetic Monster for contact purposes.


All logos and images are copyrighted/tradmarked by each individual brand. If any brand would like their review or images removed from this blog, please contact Jennifer Suzuki at


All comments, including contest entries are viewed and approved by author of this blog. Any comment that utilizes profanity or racial slurs will be omitted. Basically anything I find offensive (or may be offensive to others) will be deleted or denied at my discretion.


On occasion, Cosmetic Monster will receive products for review consideration from brands or their PR firms – either upon request by Cosmetic Monster or at random. This does not guarantee a review. Most products are procured by me, the author, utilizing my own personal income.


In general, this blog is just for FUN. Its the product of my cosmetic obsession and refusal to dispense advice and opinions under the pretense of making a sale. Common sense rules apply. If you have a medical condition, consult your physician before using any product recommended on this site. Note that all recommendations are anecdotal and not medical advice (like any recommendation made at the cosmetic counter and most websites).

Cosmetic Monster and its author are not responsible for any breakouts, allergic reactions, skin damage, loss of income or any outcome of using the products featured on this blog.

Remember: Makeup should be fun. Skin care should be simple. Information is key.

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